Vietnam tourism is getting more and more popular nowadays. Tourists from all through the world come to visit the sights of Vietnam and reside in the beautiful Vietnam Hotels. But all of the visitors have so little information for the culture of this magnificent country.

The culture of Vietnam has numerous features, you can see even represented at the architecture of your hotel in Vietnam.

The various faces of Vietnamese culture- its music, dance, arts and architecture provides you with an idea about its antiquity and richness.

Music And Dance In Vietnam

It is said that the best expression of a people is in their dances, considering that bodies really don't lie. So if you would like to know about Vietnam and the Vietnam culture, try to find much more information about the different forms of Vietnamese folk dances. For the Vietnamese people, these dances are solutions to give vent to their feelings, beliefs, desires and aspirations, as also depict their daily activities.

The music in Vietnam is authentic. There exist myriad motifs in Vietnamese music, from chamber music to ritual music, from ensemble music and folk music to the musical accompaniments in theatres and poetry sessions.

Arts And Crafts In Vietnam

The Arts in Vietnam are even now not revealed to the world at large. But even a casual glance at the culture of Vietnam so you won't fail to notice the vibrant arts and crafts scene, made up of the exquisite ivory and jade-glazed ceramic works of the Red River Delta, the blue-white ceramic art items originating at the royal art studios along with the village of Bat Trang and the wood-carved wonders.

Architecture Of Vietnam

The architecture of Vietnam has its now wonderful type. Take a tour of the Vietnamese temples and monasteries. The predominantly pagoda style of architecture will leave you gaping at its sheer magnificence. You have the many pagodas of the Son La Mountains in North Vietnam or the Giac Lam Pagoda of Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnam culture is appropriately represented by Vietnamese Cuisine, in addition. The gastronomic delights of Vietnam includes various of dishes from veggie wonders to meat dishes like the beef noodle soup and also the Banh Chung to exotic ensembles such as the balut and dishes made from dog and snake meat.

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