Relationships are at the core of our human experience. They form our support system and are instrumental to our success and wellbeing.

Within a healthy relationship, we can be our true selves. This means that we can share our dreams, goals, and ambitions as well as our fears, concerns, and traumas. The more we open up, the more the friendship has a chance to grow.

Falling back on our friendships during tough times is a privilege we all wish for. Similarly, celebrating small victories or major milestones with friends is an ongoing source of joy and is crucial to our wellbeing.

With COVID, socializing and connecting with friends has become more challenging than ever. As a result, we are all looking for new ways to connect. Everyone is longing to bridge the gap between virtual and in-person interactions.

I offer the following suggestions to help you connect in meaningful ways:

1. Write a note or a letter

Didn't you love sending silly notes to your friends growing up? Relive that fun by sending random hand-written messages or letters to your friends.

It's hard to stay in touch with our busy schedules, and if you add distance, it can feel impossible. Sending a surprise note is sure to make them feel supported while leaving a smile on both of your faces.

You needn't go out and mail your letter or note unless that's feasible. Instead, you can send a digital copy or send a digital surprise message through KOYA. This simple act can help your connection grow.

2. Talk it out

Verbal and nonverbal communication helps us better understand the people around us. A video call or an in-person meetup eliminates the communication blocks we may face while texting. This is because we cannot assess nonverbal cues over text or even via phone calls. These cues are integral to effective communication.

If it's not possible to safely meet in person, schedule a virtual hangout. Whether it's over the telephone or a video call, it's essential to prioritize your connection.

3. Actions speak louder than words

Strengthing your friendship requires consistency. The best way to do this is by showing up for the little moments and aligning your words and actions. It can be as simple as checking in throughout the week or dropping off a coffee. You could also send a funny video, gift a book they would love, or help them in a practical way, like walking their dog.

A kind gesture doesn't have to be big to be meaningful; what matters is that it is sincere. Sometimes it helps to know that your friend is available, even if you don't need them to show up at that moment.

4. Make plans, virtually

In recent times, technology has made it easier to connect with close friends and family. With COVID, our communication styles and methods have become creative. It's possible to watch movies, make dinner plans, schedule exercise sessions, host a book club, or plan other virtual activities. You can even send surprises at the right moment and time. There are so many tools available to help you foster your relationships.

So, go ahead and make virtual plans to hang out or do a group activity and keep the fun times rolling.

Author's Bio: 

Courtney is one of the co-founders of KOYA Innovations, Inc. She is also a samba admirer, marketing fanatic, and adventure enthusiast with a background in Psychology and Global Communications. Courtney and her team created KOYA to provide authentic moments of connection. Her passion is to develop products and resources to help end the loneliness epidemic.