Inner Oasis is a term I coined ten or more years ago to help my clients and class participants create a lush, rich imagery of their core self. Our Inner Oasis is our soul-self, our inner wisdom, our inner joy and our innermost source of pure, unconditional love. It is ever replenishing, ever nurturing, ever there to support our journey and guide our life.

This article was originally part of a class I taught to help individuals cope with and recover from their stress and anxiety. The list, 20 Thoughts That Create Personal Power, contains Universal Truths that become powerful tools for personal growth, happiness, and wholeness.

Our thoughts, conscious and unconscious, and those originating from our Higher Self, fuel the direction and quality of our daily life. Thoughts really do determine who we are today and the contentment with our life tomorrow. They help create our personality characteristic, values and morals, contribute to the restfulness of our sleep, and help determine the amount of energy we have to earn a living, educate ourselves, take care of ourselves and our family, and enjoy our leisure time. Our thoughts truly are the building blocks of our life!

While the list below may not be the total answer, it might be the beginning of positive change for many people. Read through the list and try adding the ideas to your daily contemplation and meditation. Share the list with friends and family. Pin it on your mirror or on you closet door and read it every time you see it. Write one or two thoughts on a piece of paper and stick them in your pocket to read several times each day. Let the wisdom sink in and become part of you.

Catch the Flame: Ignite your Joy and Peace Within

20 Thoughts That Create Personal Power

1. I am responsible for myself and all that I experience.

2. My thoughts determine who I am, therefore my positive thoughts create a positive life.

3. My thoughts create my relationship with my past, my present and future, my self-worth, my choice of employment, my successes, my failures, and the quality of my relationships.

4. Everyone has problems. Therefore, I am never alone in my experiences.

5. All negative thoughts can be changed, and all positive thoughts can be maintained.

6. My negative thoughts and feelings have no power other than the power I assign them. They are simply thoughts and feelings that are flexible and flowing if I allow them to be.

7. I love and nurture my body, my mind and spirit.

8. I welcome love and affection into my life.

9. I give myself permission to enjoy and experience intimacy without guilt, shame, or fear.

10. When I forgive myself or others, I am healing me and breaking the chain of negativity.

11. All positive change begins with my acceptance of my current reality.

12. I create and increase my personal power when I live a now focused life.

13. Regular laughter increases the quality of my life and strengthens my immune system.

14. I am powerless over all of YOUR actions.

15. I invite people into my life who have time for me and who are free to love and care for me.

16. I am worthy of the support and the love that I am given.

17. I am responsible for my own emotional and physical safety, and I am willing to set healthy and loving boundaries that provide the safety I need.

18. Loving me allows me the freedom to love you.

19. Miracles are the norm and not the exception, and at least one miracle occurs in my life every day.

20. I choose to view this day as the most wonderful day of my life.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending” Carl Bard

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