Nowadays we come across a lot of people shifting to a vegan lifestyle. These are individuals who do not use any sort of animal products or even animal by-products. For the most part, these are people who are concerned about a healthy diet and environment. For such people intrigued to explore this field of vegan lifestyle, there are vegan courses offered by a couple of culinary schools in India. This article will assist you to know more about it.

Although the culture of vegan cuisine is not that recognizable to our kin, the ubiquity of vegan cuisine and vegan culinary courses has been increasing since the past few years. Furthermore, there is a colossal increment in the number of vegans. Be that as it may, for them, it's very difficult to find hotels offering proper vegan choices or with chefs who are specialized in vegan cuisine. This is the prime reason for the increase in demand for chefs specialized in vegan cuisine. It also opens up the opportunity to venture your own restaurant which offers proper vegan cuisines. The popularity is expected to grow even further in the coming years. Considering all these, it's suggested to do vegan courses in a good culinary school.

Even though there are culinary schools offering vegan courses, a majority of them fail to keep up the standards and good training. ASKIHMCA (ASK Institute of Hotel Management and Culinary Arts), Bengaluru is one of the best culinary schools in India which offers a diploma in vegan culinary arts. Also, it’s the only Culinary Institute in Bangalore which is ISO 9001-2005 certified with 100% placement. By the end of your course in vegan cuisine, the college also guarantees paid internship in the same field at big luxury hotels in both India and abroad like USA, Maldives, UK, Dubai, Singapore, Canada, Australia, China, Bahrain, and Germany. Apart from the valuable certificate, assured paid internship and placement, the institute has got world class kitchen facilities and a peaceful environment to adopt new things and advance yourself.

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ASKIHMCA, Bangalore offers various courses in culinary arts, Hotel, Hospitality and Tourism Management. Students can opt for a Diploma/Degree/Dual Degree course to achieve their career dream of becoming a Chef or Hotel/Hospitality Manager. ASKIHMCA offers 100% placement guarantee to all the students who have successfully completed course. For more details about the courses, kindly write to