Crystals are little living structures that attract and capture the higher divine light and that you channel it down to them so that they do there job more systematically and effectively. Part of the process of activating crystals is to grow a second attention span for them. To dedicate them to the higher divine light in a state of conscious meditation brings an intense sense of focus and joy which is highly beneficial to crystals and crystal healing work.
It is all about realisation of the divine and raising our own vibration for personal growth and achievement. Our bodies, being temples of the spirit become enlightened by this persistant intent to focus higher light down through them. The higher light may be channeled down through the hands into the crystals, or channeled through the focus of the breath. Crystals also guide us to do this with the higher lights or chis of life. That it may flow through our temples of the body in connecton with the divine.
As we practice to ground this light into the cells that surround us, it is also possible to ground this light into our own D.N.A. For as we focus it down through us. It ignites the crystals for a more thorough meditation. I do this little exercise whilst riding on my push bike using breathwork to guide the higher God light or chi with the sunlight down into the genius structure or temple called the body. It is a great little meditation, especially coupled wtih the exercise.
One of the benefits of this is development of focus which is also influenced by the higher oxygen levels from the breathwork and exercise. I always take it at my own pace and comfort and never push my body too much that it damages. The muscles have a memory of sorts, so to increase stamina and endurance, i only ever gradually increase the effort or resistance levels. Therefore the increase of the exercise capacity is due to the cumulative affect and not the strenuous overworking of the body. So take it easy and enjoy, especially the breath work.
This is a healthy technique to get the energy levels circulating and to nourish and refresh the mind. Once you have achieved this higher energy focus, you can always move on to focus it on crystals. Let them be your guide.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Paula Reilly. I write books on crystals and there meanings. I also like to write about the life force energy that circulates through all life and seems to correlate and coincide with good health and well being. I am an artist. I paint mythological creatures and the nude, and recently i have be channeling spoken word poems and messages from the gemstones themselves. This is truly fascinating work for me.