We may not be aware of the firestorm of activity going on outside of our limited perception, but our Chakras work tirelessly to absorb and transmute these waves of unseen light into the force that supports and creates the environment that makes up our life on this planet. With such a barrage of impulses and energies coming through, our Chakras can become blocked and stagnant, particularly when we put ourselves in situations or relationships that are negative, dysfunctional or not helpful to our well-being. Anger, resentment, fear and worry slow our Chakra’s abilities to process the range of activity in our midst; the energies of those around us, our environment, space and the collective consciousness of humankind.

If we are to become whole, attentive beings, able to withstand the onslaught of physical and emotional debris that we encounter on a day to day basis, we can benefit from knowing how to reboot our energy systems so that they can work their magic unimpeded. Using crystals and gemstones that can be found at any local rock shop, we can maintain balance in our Chakras and purify our subtle bodies.

Each of the seven Chakras holds it’s own unique vibration. With specific crystals, we can connect with, open and activate our Chakras by using a simple process of attention and intention. By placing the crystals upon our Chakras during meditation, visualization or relaxation, we are giving ourselves the gift of renewal and recharge. Blockages disperse, the wheels of light are spinning freely once more, and we are creating our energetic experiences anew.

To heal your Chakras using crystals and gemstones, begin by relaxing on your back and tuning in to your energy centers. Pay attention to the location of each Chakra. Set an intention to be able to manipulate your energy even if you cannot feel it happening externally. It is happening.

Place a Black Obsidian stone upon your Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine on the tailbone. The Root Chakra corresponds with life in our physical, human bodies. It is our survival center and the place we operate from when we are afraid or feel we are in danger. Black obsidian is a grounding stone, a protector. It heals anger and fear by absorbing and dispersing it, leaving you relaxed and comfortable in your body. Feel the stone start your Root Chakra spinning as it grounds you in the beauty of your physical presence.

Pay attention to your Sacral, or Spleen Chakra, midway between your tailbone and your navel. This energy center corresponds with procreation, passion, confidence and our sense of self. Place a smooth, cool Carnelian stone upon the belly where this energy wheel spins. This multicolored, fiery stone dispels anger and jealousy; two of the traits that erode our confidence and our self love. Carnelian also heals auric wounds and other negative influences in our energy fields. Imagine this soothing stone washing away all of the negative influences that have held you prisoner in the past.

Slide your hands up to your Solar Plexus Chakra. This bright yellow source of light and dynamism feeds us our wisdon, our clarity and our ability to live and laugh with purpose and grace. Release this brilliant sunlight from within by placing a Citrine just above your navel. This positive stone fills you with cheer and radiance, sweeping away doubt and returning you to your place of strength and centeredness.

Slowly make your way up to the Heart Chakra. Feel your heart muscle pounding away and be grateful for that feeling. This Chakra is the seat of our love, our sharing, our ability to feel compassion and to give without expectation. By placing a Rose Quartz upon your heart chakra during meditation, you will unleash a warm, comforting river of loving kindness that fills up all of the empty spaces in your life, healing yourself and extending that healing outwards to encompass all of creation.

The Throat Chakra is the seat of our communication. This energy center nourishes our ability to be vocal with our thoughts, to create and to express ourselves in whatever ways feel most natural to us. Place a Blue Kyanite upon your throat chakra and visualize it’s effects. This stone is very balancing. It opens and aligns the chakras and when used on the throat, initiates wise communication and a heightened ability for self expression. Allow the Kyanite to nourish and activate your throat chakra, giving you the etheric support to state your truth with compassion and deliberation.

Move your hands up to your Brow Chakra, directly between the eyes. This is your Third Eye. For thousands of years this energy powerhouse has been recognized for it’s spiritual properties. Meditation upon this chakra can lead to spiritual insights, astral travel and can also lead to enhances psychic abilities. Placing an Amethyst directly upon the third eye will send you into a meditation that has your chakra opening to it’s highest potential; that of giving you inspiring glimpses into the true energetic nature of your being. Allow the Amethyst to take you on a spirit journey with gratitude.

When you are ready, proceed to the seventh and final energy center, the Crown Chakra. This is the most sacred and spectacular of all of our spinning lotuses of light, and is our direct energetic connection with source energy, God, the divine in whatever way you experience it to be. This Chakra feeds us the highest possible frequencies to use; if we choose to accept. Quartz Crystals are the energy amplifiers of the mineral world. Ancient healers, they absorb, transform, transmute and even create energy. Placing a Quartz Crystal upon the brow will blast open your chakra sending golden rays of essence raining down upon you and running up through you like a pure fountain of bliss and acceptance.

Healing chakras with crystals and gemstones is a powerful way to re-establish connection with our energy centers and strengthen us from the very core of our being.

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