If you have a new baby that is constantly crying the pediatrician may have told you the reason is colic. Colic is something many babies experience, some grow out of it quicker than others, and some have it worse than others. They seem to experience stomach pain with it and their crying is inconsolable. The standard doctors look for is crying that lasts 3 hours or more a day, with no break, and goes on for most of the week for at least 3 weeks.

More common to babies 0 to 3 months old it also tends to happen more in the afternoon and evening time. Common symptoms other than the crying are;
• A cry that is high pitched than normal cries
• Clenching fists
• Flexing knees and bending against their abdomen
• Stiffening of the body

Parents can really struggle through this issue, as being parents to a newborn is already stressful and hard without also having a baby you cannot soothe. The estimate is that about 22% of newborns suffer from some version of it. While most grow out of it after 3 months, some do not. There are traditional treatment options for a colicky baby but not all are fully successful for everyone. That is when parents can talk to the pediatrician about alternative colic treatments, Monmouth County or where they are in the form of a pediatric chiropractor.

A lot of parents may not even be aware that this is just as suitable for an alternative option as it is for adults, as long as you are using a trained pediatric chiropractor. For the last couple of decades though more have tried it with good success. Despite what some might think, that a chiropractor is just for when an adult has a bad back, there are several techniques that are gentle and safe that can help in a number of areas including as one of the options for colic treatments Ocean County or in your area.

The birthing process can actually be hard on a baby and trauma can happen to their spinal column, particularly in situations where forceps or another tool has to be used to get the baby out. The subluxations are where the bones of the spine irritate or put force on the nervous system. That damage can then lead to problems with sucking, digestion problems and one effect can be colic. With a qualified pediatric chiropractor, pediatric chiropractor Monmouth County involves making corrections carefully with corrections.

Many chiropractors also have some experience and knowledge of using homeopathic remedies also alongside chiropractic treatment. To find one you can trust with your child take a look at who are local and trained, a google search of colic treatments Ocean County chiropractor could be one option, you can also ask the pediatrician for suggestions.

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