Your geyser or in other words, a water heater needs delicate hands and care as other devices at home requires. It’s a facility for winters, gives you relief with sore muscles, and refreshes you whenever you take bath. Make sure you don’t put so much pressure or use it excessively without giving it a rest. The parts that comprise a water heater are easily available in the market but why go through such a hassle. You can keep it alive for a longer time, just by using it correctly.

Why geyser maintenance is necessary?

To maintain the lifespan of your geyser you must know the dos and don’ts. There are tips and guidelines for customers on how to tackle this electronic equipment. So that you will know when to call an electrician for your geyser repair, maintenance, and installation.

Pro-tips to bear in mind when installing a geyser

• Your geyser must have enough space

While geyser installation, make you are leaving enough space amid your geyser and the walls. The reason behind this is, your technician will be able to check the water heater parts properly. However, no space will make geyser inspection and repair problematic, as there will be no space left. This illustrates that proper installation of water geyser plays an important part. Secondly, improper installation will make repairing and servicing inaccessible.

Although, many people get their geysers fixed on the top of their bathrooms. They do it for better access, whereas it actually creates a hindrance between a geyser and your technician. You must inspect the whole area to place your geyser beforehand, also check if your decided spot is spacious and can easily be accessed through a small tool.

• Sufficient height for water heater

1.8 meters or 6 feet from the floor is an ideal height according to the experts for geyser installation. There could be many reasons behind such as, children can’t reach that point. Secondly, it has space beneath it which is good for re-installation and repairing purposes.

• The connections and switches

To avoid a short circuit, one must use a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), because, in case of any power fluctuation, it immediately cuts off the electricity. Furthermore, make sure the switch or the connection board of your geyser is at a sufficient height. Because it will make the children away from it and also it should not be too high. As adults will also face problem to reach the switch button.

The above-mentioned content is all about precautions. Now, you must also learn about geyser maintenance tips. Geysers often show problems, some of them can be resolved by you, but for some, you really need to hire a professional geyser repair services provider. This electrical appliance cannot be bought every other day; therefore, these regular tips will help to prolong your geyser’s life.

Maintenance tips and points

• Don’t forget to switch off your geyser

Today’s instant geysers heat the water within 5 minutes. So, there is no need to leave your geyser’s switch on for hours. Basically, morning time is the busiest one, school, college and office everyone has to rush. After a few hours your geyser needs rest as well, so to save your asset make sure you are using it accurately.

• Lower temperature – less electricity consumption

Using a lower geyser temperature is beneficial for you. Reduced temperature is directly proportional to less load on your geyser. There is no harm in using warm water rather than using hot water and experiencing accidental burns. If there are children in your house, you should follow this step immediately. This way you will also be able to consume less electricity which will directly affect your electricity bill.

• Checking the Anode rod inside

Larger geysers contain an anti-corrosion anode rod inside the tank. This rode saves the tank to accumulate any impurity or dust by attracting them to itself. After years of water heater use, it corrodes way itself due to its continuous function. Checking the rode after every 3 years is crucial for better results.

• The pressure release valve

The pressure release valve and the temperature should be check often in a year for a geyser’s better working. In case a relief valve of a geyser is leaking then just remove the discharge tube and drain out some water out of it.

• Replacement of plastic pipes with metal ones

Metal inlet and outlet pipes are beneficial because they are more resistant to heat than plastic ones. Similarly, keep an eye on the joints regularly, if you see some rust of whitish deposit around the joints, then replace the pipes immediately. Such steps seem little but have a great value because if you dodge them you will end up calling a technician for geyser repair.

• Don’t forget your water heater’s annual maintenance

It's better to get your geyser serviced annually by a professional geyser service provider than to do it on your own after every other day. They know how to clean your water heater and which parts should be replaced on spot.

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