This article helps you focus on the important things you must do while planning for an interstate move. Read the article till the end for detailed information.

Moving to a different state with all your belongings isn’t an easy task and has a lot of things to worry about. Though it may sound exciting to shift to a new state with newer possibilities to explore, the entire process of relocating all your stuff can be quite exhausting. To avoid unnecessary complexities, it is always better to seek expertise of an interstate removals expert who can help you plan and carry out the relocation process in an efficient way while making sure that all your stuff is well protected and aren’t being exposed to any kind of extensive damage.

Following here is a list of things to know which would help you prepare a detailed checklist for your interstate move.

A month or two before the move

Once you have decided to shift to a different state, it’s always advised to start with the process of preparing a moving plan. Try to discuss with your removalist and prepare a detailed checklist covering all that you need to do while relocating your belongings. Some of the things to do during this phase are:

• Making a list of all your belongings to be shifted.
• Checking the legal obligations in the new state related to car registration.
• Researching on the new place you are about to shift including nearby hospitals, schools, markets, parks, multiplexes, and more.

Two-three weeks before the move

Now that a few weeks is just left for the move, it is important for you to become organised. Start packing all your stuff which, you won’t be using before the moving date and disassemble the furniture items which, are not being used off lately. Some of the things you need to do during this time are:

• Updated your mail address.
• Informed your utility service providers.
• Informed your children’s school authority.
• Hire cleaning services to clean your new home before the shift.
• Packed rest of the items which you won’t be using before the moving date.

Just a day before the move

On the last day before moving, you need to do all the remaining tasks left. Make sure all the moving boxes have been properly packed, labelled, and sealed. Try to keep all your valuables including important documents and jewellery with yourself and also pack an essential bag carrying some of the daily necessary items which you would need during the move or immediately after reaching your new place.

The moving day

On the moving day, you just need to do some last-minute checks and once they are done, ask your removalist to proceed with the move. Make sure you have switched off all the electrical switches and turned off the water taps. Also, you must check whether all the doors and windows have been locked properly before moving out of your old home.

The bottom line

Interstate relocation is a stressful task indeed. That’s why it is always considered to be an ideal option to opt for specialised help of an interstate removals expert who can guide you through the various tasks involved in the process. With experts to assist you, it would be much easier for you to plan and execute the interstate relocation process in a hassle-free way.

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