Cropping and Resizing photo is a method in which the measurements of the photo are altered for the purpose of sending on mail or putting up on networking sites. It is predominantly done on faces of peoples and it does not alter the quality of the picture.

A skill is not mandatory and a beginner can easily accomplish this simple procedure. See to that the sharpness and crispness of the photo is not slipshod while resizing this is the main criteria.

Create a duplicate of the photo, will be helpful while reverting to square one. To do this go to image and then click duplicate image and here a spare copy is ready.

Step 1: Go to the main menu bar and select the image menu and then image size option. An image size dialog box is displayed which gives information about the photo. This dialog box has two panels, the Pixel Dimension and the Document Size. Looking up for photo resize then concentrate on Pixel Dimension which mainly changes the physical dimension of the photo.

Step 2: Take a close look at the Pixel Dimension section. There are two options one to change the width and the other to change the height of the photo. Make a note Pixel Dimensions. This is the size of the original photo that is to be resized. This value changes as the width and height of the photo is altered. An illustration can explain it better. If the original photo is 2608 pixels wide and 1952 pixels high then printing an 8*10 of this size will not make any problem. But a smaller version of it is needed which fits perfect to the page. So how can it be achieved? It’s very simple; just change the values in the HEIGHT and WIDTH boxes to some smaller values. To change the width and height standards just click on any one of the boxes and replace the original assessment with the value of choice needed. Let the new WIDTH be 450 pixels and HEIGHT to 337 pixels. Once the values are entered then click the OK button and then the picture will bet resized with the new dimensions.

Another method used to resize the photo is the percentage method. This is also a very simple method. To do this just look at the right of the width and height boxes. Click on it or make use of the arrow just beside the word. A drop down menu appears which shows two options, “pixels” and “percentage” with “pixels ticked”. Choose percentage as the measurement option and the width and height values will be displayed ad percentage values. Altering the percentage value is similar as changing the pixel values. Once done click OK and the photo gets resized.

Be cautious while changing the either the “width” value or the “height” value. When one value is altered the other values gets automatically changed. This is a Photoshop setting called Constraint Proportions. If this check box is checked, the width and height values become proportionate to each other. This feature does not hinder the resolution of the photo otherwise the picture gets distorted. There is option even to individually change both the width and height values. To manually enter values, just uncheck the boxes.

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