The small business owners often look for options which help them to save money and resources. Thus, a majority of small businesses use a traditional way of calling which includes a list of numbers stored in excel or doc or database and then manually dialing the numbers. Some tech savvy SMB companies use the CRM solution to keep records of the customers. However, they often skip using the call center solution as well as Call Center CRM Integration. In this article, I will share how small businesses can get benefited with the Call Center CRM Integration.

The Call Center CRM Integration is a process in which the VoIP Company integrates call center solution and CRM system with each other. Once the company finishes the integration process, the business can access features of both systems within a single system with a single sign on. There are many benefits of using the integrated solution for the small businesses.

First of all it automates calling process. The executives don’t need to spend time on dialing the number and listen to the ring until it gets attended. The call center solution will dial out the calls and pass only those calls which are attended by the customer or prospect. As soon as the call is answered, the executive can talk to the customer or prospect. The system will also show all the data related to the customer which is stored in the system. The executive can use that stored data during the live call to provide absolutely personalized experience and pitch to the customer. At the end of the call, the executive can write the minutes of the call, which is technically known as the Disposition. The disposition states the conclusion and the next step for the call. All the changes made in the record of the customer or prospect during or after the live call get stored in both systems, namely, call center software and CRM solution.

The small business owner can save a lot of time otherwise need to be spent on making data entries as well as on dialing a number and getting connected. Also, it assures the accuracy of data in the records as most of the action are automated. The executives just make a few notes and not any major changes. The Call Center CRM Integration helps in providing more efficient and powerful platform to the executives so they can work with double speed. Furthermore, the employees also get data to provide personalized call experience to the customers and / or prospects which increase the success ratio. The increase in success boosts the morale and confidence of the executive and they perform even better and with increased productivity.

End Notes:

The Call Center CRM Integration opens new doors of opportunities for the small businesses which result in better performance, increased revenues, saved resources and increased returns over investment. This helps in growing business faster than ever before and that is the reason for small businesses CRM Call Center Integration is really helpful.

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