For a little while now, numerous mainstream media sources have said that it will be a time of “healing” when the current president of America leaves the White House. This is also something that has been said by the person who is seen as being the next president of America.

Or to be more precise, the person who the mainstream media has proclaimed will be the next president. Apparently, this is not something that this source is allowed to do but that is not something that concerns them.

A Time of Patience

So, irrespective of the mainstream media’s views and projections, it could still take a number of weeks before it is known who will be in the White House for the next four years. The fact that they are making it seem as though there will be a new president is an illustration of how this source operates.

If this source ever existed to inform people, it is almost certainly not their priority any longer. What is more important to this source is defining how humanity perceives reality, and by doing this they can control how they behave.

The Main Point

But with this aside and assuming that what this source says is the truth, the big question is: will the next four years really be a time of “healing”? According to this source, the previous president has brought many years of “hate” and “division”.

Thus, with this person out of the way and someone new in, there is the opportunity for something else to take place. And, as the new president has said that it will be a time of “healing” it must be true; after all, it’s not as if politicians are professional liars.

The Main Difference

Still, without even looking into what the new president will or won’t do, it will be different as the person who was in the white house before will be out of the way. This will be the person who, as stated by the media, has caused so much “division” and “hate”.

It is then absolutely clear that this person is the problem and without them in control, the world will be far better off. Naturally, there will also be millions of people who will also have the same view.

A Closer Look

Once again, though, this can be seen as another example of how this source of information defines how a large part of the citizenry perceives reality. For one thing, it makes out that the current president is totally at fault for what is going on.

To say that the current president hasn’t caused problems wouldn’t be right and, at the same time, would it be right to say that he is completely responsible for what has gone on and is going on? If he is, he is an individual who has absolute power and everyone else has no agency whatsoever.

A Super Villain

If the average person was to hear about someone like this, they might think about a recent superhero film that they have watched. This could be a film where someone from another planet came to planet earth and started terrorising humanity.

In reality, the current president is not an all-powerful being and this means that other people do have agency. If, then, the president is not omnipotent and the citizenry do have control over their own lives, why would the media blame the current president for just about everything?

A Textbook Example

Is there the chance that this source is utilising a defence mechanism known as projection? Could it be that this source is accusing the president of something that they themselves are largely responsible for?

For years, this source has done just about everything that is can to cause division and hate. But, of course, acknowledging this would require self-awareness and this is something that this source is severely lacking.

Looking In the Mirror

Perhaps, one of the reasons why this source is so against the current president is because this person reminds them of themselves. Their own reflection is being mirrored back to them, and this causes a very strong reaction.

Therefore, if this source wants the next four years to be a time of “healing”, it will be a good idea for them to take a step back and to see how they have played a very big part in what has gone on and is going on. The chances of this taking place are probably slim to none and they will most likely find someone or something else to dump their issues onto.

The Other Part

Even if the effect that this source has had on the citizenry is put to one side, there is still the effect that the current president has had on others. The trouble with placing the blame fully on this person's shoulders, as has been stated above, is that other people are seen as having no control over how they behave.

This president will then have said or done things and some people will have been forced to behave in certain ways. The truth is, however, this person is not responsible for how other people have behaved or behave.


If someone blames this person, or anyone else for that matter, for what they themselves have said or done, they are rejecting personal responsibility. Blaming the president might make them feel better, but what it won’t do is change the fact that they were the ones who did or said something.

This is why self-awareness is important as if someone lacks self-awareness, it can seem as though someone else made them do something. Nonetheless, if they were to take a step back and to reflect on what happened, they will see that a number of things took place within them before they reacted in a certain way.


It might be hard for them to do this, yet it will be what stops them from being reactive and enables them to take back their power. Taking this into account, do the media really want to help others if they portray them as powerless children?

Portraying the president as a perpetrator and so many people as victims doesn’t serve society or lead to “healing”. What it does do is keep a lot of people in a disempowered state and the outcome of this is that a lot of these people will end up looking towards a powerful figure to save them.

Final Thoughts

Further, there is also the effect that the education system has had on so many people, with this being somewhere where people are usually encouraged to see themselves and others as either victims or perpetrators. Without a doubt, education like this is going to create a lot of “division” and “hate”.

As there are a number of different factors involved, to say that the president is primarily at fault for what has gone on and is going on would be way off the mark. One of the main things that blaming this person will do is prevent a lot of people from doing what needs to be done in order for real healing to occur.

Lastly, what the mainstream media is unlikely to say is that humanity as a whole needs to face their own inner wounds and to work through them. The problems ‘out there’ can be seen as a reflection of what is taking place inside the collective consciousness and each and every human being on the planet has a part to play in resolving what is held in this field.

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