Regardless of whether someone has spent time at university and/or on social media, they may have come across white people who hate their own race. This could be something that has made them scratch their head, so to speak, or it might not have simply gone over their head.

When someone behaves in this way, they are likely to believe that their race is bad due to what took place in the past. And the view that they have of the past is likely to have been given to them by the system.

Two Sources

So, what they have been told by the mainstream media and the education system will have played the biggest part. One of the things that could consume their mind is how it was white people who colonised other countries and kept slaves.

Along with this, there will be what white people are doing to hold other races back. It is then not going to matter what each white person is doing on the planet or how they treat others, as the colour of their skin will make them guilty by association.

The Problem

The only people who are capable of doing harmful things will be those who belong to the white race – they are the savages and the ‘colonisers’. People from other races, on the other hand, won’t be capable of the same level of brutality.

Or, if people from other races do do bad things, it will only be because of what white people have done to them. In this case, they will simple be protecting themselves, thereby their behaviour will be justified.

The Solution

Someone like this can believe that the best way to change the world is if white people were basically wiped out. One can then choose not to have children and to do what they can to remove white people from positions of power.

What they will find, due to the mainstream Medias tendency to go along with this view and to actively encourage racial tension, is that they won’t have to worry about being banned online. Therefore, one can say practically whatever they want about people who have the same skin colour as they do.


Talking about how bad their own race is is likely to result in them receiving a fair amount of positive feedback from others. White people, along with people from other races, will be happy to ‘like’ and to leave supportive comments.

If someone does ‘like’ what they have written and they are not white, it won’t be seen in the same as it would if a white person was to talk in the same way about another race. This is primarily due to the view that it is only possible for white people to be racist.

A Decent Human Being

Someone who is white can then hate themselves, due to the colour of their own skin and anyone else who has the same skin colour, but they can end up feeling as though they are a good person. Behaving in this way can allow them to a rise to certain level within the social justice hierarchy.

Writing things on social media might not be enough, though, and they might end up creating videos. Doing this will allow them to receive even more positive feedback from others, which may increase their social standing.

A Strange Scenario

It can be hard to comprehend how someone like this could feel good about themselves, especially as they hate a big part of them – their skin. One way of looking at this would be to say that someone like this is carrying a lot of inner conflict (cognitive dissonance).

What they hate about white people is something that they see every time they look at themselves, let alone other white people. So, how can someone like this feel good about themselves when they are carrying so much self-hate?

Going Deeper

What they will have probably done to stop this part of them from affecting their mental and emotional health, is to project it onto the people who have white skin. Ergo, the reason why they will experience so much hate towards these people is due to the fact that they remind of the part of themselves that they hate.

It has been said that what we hate in others is merely a reflection of that which we hate in ourselves, and in this example, it can appear to relate to something physical. Yet, even though it may seem as though one hates themselves due to the propaganda they have picked up during their time in the education system and the mainstream media, for instance, there could be more to it.

An Easy Target

Before one even went to college/university, they could have felt completely worthless. Hating people who had the same colour skin as them would then have been a way for them to elevate themselves out of the hole that they were in.

This would have taken place by disconnecting from their self–hate and becoming sanctimonious in the process. In the beginning they may have felt inferior to others but, thanks to the false-self that they have created, they are likely feel superior to others.


This person may have experienced some kind of abuse and/or neglect when they were younger, setting them up to identity with the feeling of being worthless. Facing up to how they really feel will be too painful, hence why they have ended up behaving in this way.

What this illustrates is how someone can come across as though they are a moral human being who wants to make a difference, when in reality; they are simply avoiding their own pain. One is then not going to be adding more peace, harmony and love to the world, for instance, they will be adding more drama to it.

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