In recent years, the mainstream media’s power has waned but that doesn’t mean that there are not a lot of people who still pay attention to this source of information. Some of the people who look towards this source to tell what is going on will be in the latter stages of their life, while there will be others who will be at the beginning of their life.

There would have been a time when this was the only source available for some of these people, and, although there are now other sources available, they haven’t jumped ship, so to speak. On the other hand, when it comes to the people who are lot younger, there is the chance that there have always been other sources available to them.

Another Source

Now, if someone like this was to hear about the alternative media, they might be curious about it. As a result of this, they could end up taking the next step and seeing what this source has to say.

Then again, they could believe that the alternative media is ‘fake news’ and decide to keep their distance. It is then going to be as though the mainstream media is the only real news and it will be in their best interest to avoid these news sources.

Black and White

Consequently, there is going to be no reason for them to utilise their ability to think critically – the mainstream media will do that for them. This doesn’t mean that they will accept everything this sources sells, but the alternative media won’t be seen as a source that is worth listening to.

The mainstream media might be seen as a source that gets it wrong from time to time, but it could be as though the alternative media always gets it wrong. The former will have their best interests at heart, while the latter wont.

Fixed Minded

If someone like this was to come into contact with someone who paid attention to different news sources, it could end up getting a bit heated. The first person’s way of looking at the world is likely to be defined by the mainstream media, whereas the second person’s views won’t be.

But while they could end up having a discussion, there is also the chance that this won’t take place. Instead, the first person could end up becoming defensive, and they might try to silence the second person.


Therefore, instead of being able to behave like an adult, it will be as though they have regressed to a child. The words that they use to try to silence the other person might not be the words used on a playground, but they will serve the same purpose.

For example, after this person has expressed views that go against the dominant narrative, they could label them in some way. This could be a time when they will be called a racist, misogynist, sexist, and/or as having some kind of phobia, for instance.

A Meltdown

Alternatively, after hearing something that they disagree with, someone like this could act as though their system is being overwhelmed. It could be as if their body is starting to seize up.

In the example above, someone will be happy to reveal their anger, but in this example, they are likely to keep it in. It can seem as though their mind will only let new information in if it comes from the mainstream media; otherwise, it will be rejected.

Closed Minded

Ultimately, regardless of whether someone pays attention to the mainstream media or if they pay attention to the alternative media, it doesn’t mean that they will always be right. This is why it is important for someone to be able to open up and to have their views challenged.

However, while this could be seen as the ideal way to be – that’s if someone is interested in finding the truth – this is not going to interest the person above. They are likely to be more interested in being right.

Two Parts

But while their mind will be closed when it comes to having their views challenged, it will be wide open when they pay attention to the mainstream media. If they were close their mind slightly when they pay attention to the media and to open it up slightly when it comes to having their views challenged, they would probably be more in balance.

Deep down, they may believe that the mainstream media has their best interests at heart. Additionally, they may have the tendency to put authority figures on a pedestal, which will stop them from questioning what these kinds of people come out with.


What the mainstream media comes out with may also validate what they believe at a deeper level. It is then not that they want to be informed about the world; they just want their beliefs to be validated.

And, through being exposed to this source of information for however long, there is the chance that this source has played a part in what they believe. This source has then planted seeds in their mind and it regularly waters these seeds to make sure they don’t die off.


Another thing that can’t be overlooked here is that someone like this might just be intellectually lazy. Their mind will be more like a dog that likes to sit around all day as opposed to one that likes to dig holes everywhere and to find things.

Naturally, it is a lot easier to accept what this source comes out with than it is to think about what is being sold. This allows this source of information to maintain their control and to continue to keep them, along with others, in the dark.

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