In today’s world, it is no longer necessary for one to simply go along with everything the mainstream media tells them, and this is partly because of the alternative media. This is not to say that one had to go along with what this source told them in the past, as this wasn’t the case.

A Different Experience

But while one could have questioned what they heard in the past, it would have been a lot harder for them to come into contact with different information. For one thing, the internet wouldn’t have been available.

Therefore, while there would have been books and people who had a different outlook when it came to what was taking place; it would have been a lot harder to come into contact with what they had to share. Nowadays, one can simply go online, and everything they need to know will be at their fingertips.

A Choice

The option is then going to be there for one to come to their own conclusions about what is taking place around them. If they want someone else to decide for them, they can continue to pay attention to the mainstream media.

But if they want to use their own brain and not simply swallow everything that this source comes out with, they can take a step back from this. The alternative media will give them the opportunity to see things differently.

It Still Has a Purpose

Yet even if one was to take this route, this is not to say that they will be able to sit back and to accept everything they hear. In the same way that the mainstream media can have a mix of truth and falsehood; the alternative media can also be the same.

Along with this, there are going to be sites that are more in touch with what is going on than others. With this in mind, it is not going to be in one’s best interest to go along with one source of information and to overlook all of the other sources.

A Threat

If one was to take this option and to think for themselves, it doesn’t mean that everyone they talk to will be happy to hear what they have to say. Instead, they could find that there are times when people are not prepared to listen to them.

This could show that they are talking down to people or being rude, but this might not take place. One could just talk about what they have come across, and this could be enough for people to criticise them.


Through having these kinds of experiences, it could be hard for them to work out what is going on. After all, it is not as if one is trying to convince people of anything; they are just sharing what they have found out.

Based on how some people respond to what they say, one could even wonder if they are doing something wrong. If this was to take place, it might not take long until they are back in touch with why they do what they do.

Another Response

But just because someone will respond in this way if one was to talk about something that goes against what they have been told by the mainstream media, for instance, it doesn’t mean that they will behave in his way when they are being entertained. For example, if they were to watch a film that was about an outsider who went against the system, they might be only too happy to support them.

This support is something they will experience in their mind, and they might even share their views with their friends after they have watched it. This could be based on true story, or it could be a sci-fi, but the theme will be the same.

A Powerful Experience

Whilst they were watching this film, they might have felt as though they were ones who were going against the majority, and standing up for what is right, for instance. Therefore, although they we simply watching a screen, it could have seemed as though they were experiencing this for themselves.

Once they left the theatre/cinema or got up from the chair/bed they were sitting on, they could feel happy about what has taken place. Or, they could be filled with a sense of injustice about how it ended.

Back To Reality

Nevertheless, this experience will soon be forgotten about and they will continue to go along with what they are told by the mainstream media and to criticise people who are willing to question what they hear. Thus, if someone goes against the system, so to speak, in the real world, they are not going to respond in the same way.

This part of them is going to be kept at bay in their day-to-day life, and they will be happy to go along to along to get along. One way of looking at this would be to say that their true-self is going to be covered up, and they will wear a mask that will allow them to fit into society.

The Safe Option

Behaving in this way will cause them to hide themselves, but it is likely to be what feels comfortable. When one allows this part of them to appear when they watch something, there will be no reason for them to feel uncomfortable.

In fact, it could be said that this is why these kinds of films are made, as they give people the chance to experience the parts of themselves that they have to deny in their everyday life. And, through being able to do this, they can be more likely to tolerate the injustice that is occurring in the real world, and to put up with the status quo.


With this in mind, one will need to make sure they don’t allow what people say to distract them from doing what they can to find out what is actually taking place. There will be people who want to hear about this and people who don’t.

Fortunately, one can share their views on the internet, and this can allow them to attract people who want to hear about what they have to say.

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