During an election, numerous people vote for a party that they believe is going to change their lives for the better. For some of these people, what goes on at this level defines what their life is like.

In other words, their life will be in the hands of whoever is in power and so, it is to be expected that they would not only vote but be careful who they vote for. If their party gets into power, then, they can be happy, but, if they dont, they can feel totally helpless.

Another Example

Putting the political world to one side, there are numerous people who look toward their partner or friend to change their life. Once again, another person will be seen as defining what their life is like.

This person, regardless of if they are their partner or friend, will be seen as having power over their life and so, it is to be expected that they would look toward them to change their circumstances. They can hope that this person will give them what they need and that this happens before long.

A Difference

Now, when someone looks towards a political party to change their life, they are likely to be surrounded by people who are in the same position. On the other hand, when they look toward another person to change their life, they can be seen as someone who needs to ‘take responsibility for their life’.

At the same time, if someone is in the first position, they can be told that they need to take life into their own hands and stop looking toward people, people who don’t care about them, to rescue them. Likewise, if someone is in the second position, they can have people in their life who treat them like a child and are happy to do things for them.

Stepping Back

One way of looking at this would be to say that the reason someone would want to be rescued is because they feel powerless. They don’t have the sense that they have what it takes to meet their needs and create a fulfilling life.

Therefore, they look towards other people, people who may come across as strong, powerful, and capable, to change their life. Nonetheless, why is it that they would believe that another human being has more power than they do?

No Different

Of course, some people have a lot of power, certain abilities, know other powerful people and even have a lot of money, for instance, but, they will still be human beings. What they won’t be are all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing gods.

With this in mind, although they can see themselves as lacking what these people have, they are, like these people, still a spiritual being having a human experience. Inherently, then, they are no different to these people.

Two Levels

One of the main differences is likely to be that the person who wants to be rescued has a view of themselves that relates to them having no power, while the person who presents themselves as someone who can rescue others doesn’t. But, beyond the view that someone has of themselves is the fact that they are not merely an observer of their reality.

No, they are co-creators of their reality, with what is held inside their own consciousness defining what they do or don’t experience. This is something that has been said for thousands of years, and in more recent years, has been backed up by quantum physics.

An Illusion

Taking this into account, if someone sees themselves as someone who needs to be rescued, they will consciously and unconsciously create a reality that reflects this view. Yet, without this understanding, this will just be seen as a reflection of how powerless they are.

In a way, it will be as though they are playing a game but, as they are so caught up in this game and it is so normal, they won’t realise this. Still, this doesn’t change the fact that they are unknowingly choosing to play the role of having no power.

Another Angle

To take a step back, when it comes to why they would see some people as being all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing gods as opposed to their fellow human beings, it can show that they are unknowingly projecting their parental figure or figures into them. So, when they were a child, their parent or parents would have been gods in their eyes, due to how much power they had over them.

This stage of their life is now over but they will still carry child parts inside their own consciousness, which is why they will elevate certain people. When this happens, they will attribute more power to someone then they have and, in the process, they will give away their own power.

A New Reality

If someone is in a position where they don’t have a felt sense of their own power, they are likely to have a lot of inner work to do. When it comes to this work, it can largely relate to them working through wounds that they experienced during their formative years.

This will take courage, patience and persistence.


If someone can relate to this and they are ready to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided with the assistance of a therapist or healer.

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