Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever before for people to not only get hold of information, but to also disseminate it. What this has meant is that no matter what someone wants to know, there is a strong chance that they will be able to find out about it online.

And, someone is free to share their views online; that is of course, unless their views go against the official narrative. There may be certain sites where they can share their thoughts, but due to the amount of control that is now in place, there is so much information that is now seen as being off limits.

Another Route

One way to counter this would be for someone to look towards books instead, no longer allowing search engines and social media sites to define what they can or can’t see. The trouble with this route is that the big publishers can also avoid publishing certain books in order to protect their reputation and to make sure that they don’t have the online mob on their back (the loud minority).

This information could still get out there through books that have been self-published; however, the online retailers could decide not to sell them. Taking all this into account, it is not as though this approach will always work.

A Curious Mind

Still, if someone wants to find out about something, there is the chance that they will keep going until they find what they are looking for. There could even be times when they want to find out more about something that has just taken place in their country, or took place a little while ago.

For some reason, they won’t believe what the mainstream media, or the history books tell them, causing them to take an even deeper look into something. The official account of something is not going to makes sense to them.

Two Sides

For example, the mainstream media could make out that a lone gunman killed a group of people or that the reason that their country attacked another country in the past was because this country attacked their country. The people around them might accept what they hear, seeing it as the truth, but one could believe that there is a lot more to it.

If they were to talk openly about this, they could end up being labelled as being crazy or odd. It could then be as though one has lost touch with reality, taking away their ability to think rationally.


Someone like this could say that one is a conspiracy therapist and, unlike them, they don’t believe in things like this. One could be seen as someone who has a life that lacks meaning, which is why they find meaning where it doeasnt exist.

In addition to this, they could be seen as someone who lacks inner stability and strength, with this being the reason why they need to form clear answers. Having clear answers about why something has happened will help to assuage their inner anxiety and sense of powerlessness.

Another Factor

They might also be perceived as someone who doesn’t feel good about themselves, which is why they need to be into something like this. As a result of believing in conspiracy theories, it will be away for them to see themselves as a different and even special.

Therefore, the only reason they buy into all these crazy ideas is due to them not being a well adjusted human being. Based on this, once their inner world changes and they are able to settle down, they will no longer believe in any of this stuff.

Black and White

The people who believe in conspiracy theories are then basically unhinged people, who need to work on their own issues. Whereas the people who believe what the mainstream media come out with are simply level headed human beings.

If someone doesn’t think for themselves and goes along with the official narrative, it is going to be very appealing to their ego for them to believe that they are doing the right thing, while the people do don’t have this approach are doing the wrong thing. Not only will it please their ego, it will also please the egos of people who want to control them.

Looking Back

It has been said that the CIA came up with the term ‘conspiracy theory’ in order to undermine anyone who didn’t go along with what they were told. This is then similar to how one person can invalidate what another person says in a relationship to wear them down.

By gaslighting them, this person can start to doubt their own reality, making it easier to control them. Also, by calling people who question the official narrative conspiracy theorists, it will have caused plenty of people to believe that they would be seen as odd/crazy and would end up being ostracised if they didn’t accept what they were told.

Nothing Is left to Chance

The people who pull the strings from behind the scenes rarely leave anything to chance, hence why they have been able to exert control for so long. Back then, the term conspiracy theory was used to keep people in line; nowadays, there are numerous others words and terms that serve the same purpose.

It would be easy to believe that the mainstream media is simply there to serve humanity nothing more, nothing less. People with bad intentions are then only going to be found in films and stories, for instance, and not in the real world.


It would be accurate to say that some people who don’t accept what they are told are lacking meaning, inner stability, strength, and self-worth, there is no doubt about it. But to say that this applies to everyone, or that someone can’t be aware of things that are true even if they are not in a good place, wouldn’t be rational.

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