There are a number of problems in today’s world, and it could be said that some of these problems are more important than others. Still, that doesn’t meant that the amount of attention a problem receives will depend on how important it is.

In the same way that the person with the loudest voice can be chosen from an audience; the problem that is spoken about the most is what will often receive the most attention. What is clear is that one of the most important problems - if not the most important - is what is happening to the environment.

The Main Area

As if the planet that human beings live on is no longer habitable, every other problem will soon be of secondary importance. Now, there is always the chance that everyone could go to another planet, but that is not an option at this point in time.

Looking after mother earth is then something that needs to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. One can play their part here by looking into how they behave and how they spend their money.

Another Issue

But while this can be seen as the most important issue, there are going to be others who are more concerned about sexism. This can then show that this is something that is having a big effect on their life.

And as the planet is not at the stage where it can no longer sustain life, there is going to be no reason for them to change their outlook. How they are being treated by others due to their sex is then going to be what takes most of their attention.


But it could be said that it is human nature for someone to believe that their current concern is more important than any other concern. It is then similar to having an ulcer and how this can be seen as the worst thing ever.

Or, how one can end up being pulled in by trivial events and dramas, if they haven’t got a purpose in life. However, this is not to say that this is not a legitimate concern, though.

One Sex

When one is focused on this it could mean that they are a man, but there is a greater chance that they are a woman. The reason for this is that in today’s world, the general outlook is that it is only possible for men to be sexist.

With this is mind, if a man is focussed on sexism it could show that he is doing what he can to stand up for women. Ironically, it could be said that it is a form of sexism when someone believes that men don’t experience sexism.

One Area

So, if a woman has experienced sexism, it could relate to what has taken place at work, or it could be something she has experienced in her relationships with men, for instance. At the same time, this might relate to just about every area of her life.

This may have stopped her from being able to progress in her career and if it relates to her relationships with men, it may mean that she has been in abusive relationships. If this is something she has experienced on a daily basis, it could be a challenge for her to feel good about herself.

A Number of Options

Consequently, she may have spoken out about what has taken place at work, and this may mean that something has been done about it. If she has been with men who are like this, she may have decided to stay single.

The main thing is that she has done something about what has taken place, as opposed to tolerating this kind of behaviour. There is also the chance that she has looked into why she ended up with men who treated her badly.

Victim or Victor

Yet, although a woman can rise above this challenge, she can also end up being defined by it. When this happens, it can make it hard for her to take a step back and to see clearly, and she can then come to believe that just about everything is sexist.

Her focus is going to be what is going on externally, meaning that she won’t take the time to look into what is going on within her. It is then not going to be a surprise for her to have the tendency to accuse people of being sexist.

Both Sides

She may also know a number of men who also behave in the same way in life, which is likely to validate what she believes. These men are likely to position themselves as moral human beings.

They may even believe that is their duty to stand up for women and to make sure that they don’t have to suffer. This would then mean that they believe that women are not as capable as they are and that’s why they need to protect them.

A Deeper Look

And based on the view that men and women are both the same, the men who are behaving in this way are being sexist. Clearly, there are going to be moments when someone is being sexist, that can’t be denied.

Nevertheless, if someone believes that just about everything is sexist, it could show that they are not using their mind and/or they are projecting their own issues onto others. If one has been to university and they have been conditioned to believe that just about everything is sexist, it is going to be expected that they will see sexism everywhere.


This would have been a time in their life when they were taught what to think, instead of how to think. Their time at university was then no different to what someone goes through when they are verbally abused as a child by their parent/s – they would have come to believe what they were told.

When it comes to being verbally abused, one can end up believing that other people don’t like them and that they will reject them, among other things; how one or two people treated them will be seen as how everyone will treat them. Yet, when it comes to going to university and being conditioned, one can come to believe that just about everything someone says or does is sexist.


If a woman hates men (it might be more accurate to say that she is in conflict with the masculine and feminine elements within herself) but she has disconnected from how she feels, it can set her up to displace this hate onto men. Therefore, by accusing them of sexism, it can allow her to hate them indirectly.

She can then end up taking the moral high ground; whereas if she was to express her feelings directly, it would be clear that she is carrying a lot of pain. This has a lot in common with what Joseph Goebbels supposedly said; “Accuse the Other Side of That Which You Are Guilty”.


On the other hand, if a man has the tendency to accuse other men of sexism, it can show that he hates women (it might be more accurate to say that he is in conflict with the masculine and feminine elements within himself). It can also be a way for him to indirectly express the pain that is within him; he can then abuse others and look holier-than-thou in the process.

It could be said that this shows how much of an effect one’s inner world has on how they experience the outer world. When one is out of touch with their own inner issues, they will be more likely to see these issues in the external world.

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