If someone is into politics or if they just pay attention to the mainstream media, they probably will have heard that the next four years will be a time of “healing”. This is something that the 'next president has said and this source has routinely spoken about.

The reason for this is that the “hate” and “division” in America is seen as primarily being the result of what the current president has said and done. Therefore, with this person out of the way, it will mark the end of a disruptive era.

A New Beginning

The next president is then going to do whatever is necessary in order to build bridges and bring people together. This person won’t wear a cape but he will be seen as having superhero-like powers.

From January onwards, disharmony will decrease and harmony will increase. Just thinking about what will happen could cause a lot of people to be optimistic about the future.

Back To Reality

However, while this outlook is being put forward by the system, it doesn’t mean that there is a lot of truth to it. For one thing, is the current president really at fault for what has gone on and is going on?

Would it be right to say that the mainstream media hasn’t played a key role in creating and supporting the “hate” and “division”? If this source really committed to creating peace and harmony?

Seeing Through the Lie

Ergo, although the current president is far from perfect, to say that he is primarily responsible for what has gone on and is going on would be irrational. Also, the president is not responsible for how other people behave, even though he can be held accountable for their actions.

Considering this, for there to be a time of “healing”, there will be a number of things that need to take place. In addition to the part that the president will have to play, there will also be the part that the mainstream media and the citizenry have to play.


The former will need to take a closer look at their own behaviour over the past four years and to see what part they have played. If they were to do this, they would probably see that they themselves have blamed the president for a lot of what they have done.

After realising this, it will be clear that they need to own their own projections to be part of the “healing” that will take place. If this source doesn’t reflect on their own behaviour, they are likely to continue to behave in the same way and, thus, to be a destructive influence.

Back To the Individual

Even if the president and the mainstream media do play their part, there will still be the part that the citizenry have to play. In fact, it could be said that the power is in their hands, not in the hands of the president or the media.

If the citizenry chose to work with each other as opposed to against each other, neither the president nor the media would be able to do a lot. So, when it comes to why the president and the media have the ability to manipulate so many people it is because of what is going on for these people.

Cutting the Strings

Like a puppeteer, the president and the media will press some people’s buttons and, as a result of this, these people give their power away and act in ways that are not conducive to a peaceful and harmonious society. After someone has behaved in a destructive manner, they can rationalise their behaviour.

Even so, this won’t change what they have done and it will be them, not the media or the president, who was responsible for how they behaved. For them to behave in a more loving manner, they will need to deal with what causes them to behave in a destructive manner.

The Most Important Thing

If the people, who continually have their strings pulled and often react instead of respond, were to look into what causes them to behave in a destructive manner and started to resolve their inner wounds, how different would America be? Without a doubt, this would lead to a time of real healing.

By taking responsibility for their own pain, someone wouldn’t need to project it into others and this would allow them to be the change that they want to see in the world. They would become a more peaceful and loving person and this would change their life and allow them to co-create a new reality.

The Big Illusion

One thing that someone’s ego-mind does is cause them to see themselves as separate from everyone and everything. One is then an observer of what is going on ‘out there’ and is not having much of an impact on their life or the world.

Due to this, it can be hard for someone to understand how changing their inner world can change their outer world and world as a whole. The reason for this is that one is not separate from anyone or anything, which is why working through their own inner baggage will change their life and the world.

One Hurdle

For someone to get to the point where they can see how their inner world is affecting their outer world can take time and this is partly the result of how their ego-mind works. This part of them has all kinds of defence mechanisms that will be utilised to keep their pain at bay.

One outcome of this is that their inner wounds will be externalised, causing them to see what they themselves have lost touch with in others. Certain people can then be seen as the problem and their enemy, not a mirror of what they need to resolve inside themselves.

Final Thoughts

As more and more people work through their inner wounds, the collective consciousness of America will rapidly change and the outer world will reflect this shift. This inner work is most likely what will allow true healing to occur and will create a more peaceful and harmonious country in the process.

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