Now that the dust has started to settle, numerous questions have been asked about why certain things were done at the height of the pandemic. For example, it has been said that the masks that were mandatory didn’t make any difference.

And, along with this, it has been said that the public was misled about the vaccine as it was made available before all the necessary tests had taken place. Assuming that both of these points are accurate, these are points that were made at the height of the pandemic but were largely dismissed.

Not Black And White

It is then not that everyone believed what they were told by the media and other mainstream sources and now some people are realising that they were lied to. No, it’s that some people were aware of these points as well as others before.

What has changed is that more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that what they were told was a lie. However, for some of the people who have changed their outlook, this is likely to have been difficult.

A Tough Time

So, if someone is in a position where they fully brought into what the media and other sources told them and now they have changed their outlook, they might have gone through a lot of resistance to get to where they are. Not only will they have had to question what they believed and go against what so many authority figures have said but they might have gone against what so many of the people in their life believe.

What could also have made it difficult is if they have received the vaccine and a number of booster shots. In this case, they won’t have just had to question and let go of what they believed and perhaps lost friends; they will have also had to come to terms with the fact that they have been injected with something that can’t fully be removed from their body.

A Natural Response

At first, their mind might have done its best to block out the evidence that went against what they had been told to believe. They might have experienced a fair amount of denial and ended up experiencing a lot of anger and rage.

Yet, considering what they went through, it is to be expected that they would have been full of rage and they could have even felt deeply betrayed. Due to this, they might find it hard to believe just about anything the media and the government say.

A Different Purpose

As opposed to seeing the media and the government as existing to serve them and their fellow citizens, they could believe that they exist to serve a very different function. Still, this is not to say that they will believe that each individual who is involved in these organisations is ‘bad’.

This could be seen as being far too simplistic, with them believing that those lower down the hierarchy of power, and in general, typically follow orders without really questioning what they are told. It is then not that they are ‘bad’, but, as they don’t question what is going on, they end up carrying out the orders of those ‘above them’ and fulfilling their aims.

Two Sides

Taking this into account, it could be said that there are those who have been taken advantage of, the victims, and those who took advantage of them, the perpetrators. The average citizen is then powerless and those at the top have all of the power.

Based on this view, the people at the top will need to be dealt with or else, it won’t be long before there is another event that is just as bad or perhaps even worse. Nonetheless, while it can seem as though a large part of humanity just happened to be deceived, what if there is far more to it?

Going Deeper

What if, one of the main reasons that so many people went along with what was going on and didn’t question it was because of what they were unconsciously projecting into the external world? If so, there would have been what was actually going on and there would have been the impact that what was going on for them internally had on how they perceived reality.

But, as this was not something that would have consciously taken place for someone in this position and so many people who were also in the same position, it would have seemed as if they were merely responding to what was going on ‘out there’. What this illustrates is that they, along with their fellow human beings, are not merely passive observers of reality.

Even Deeper

When it comes to what they, along with others, unconsciously projected into reality that both impacted and impacts their ability to see clearly and make rational decisions, this can include unresolved trauma from their adult years and from when they were a child. For example, they may have had a number of experiences during their early years when they felt as though they were going to die; perhaps when they were harmed and/or abandoned.

This stage of their life will have passed but as what took place was repressed and hasn’t been resolved, at an unconscious level, it will be seen as something that will happen. Their conscious mind will then have forgotten all about this but, from behind the scenes, it will influence how they perceive reality and behave.

A Strong Impact

Ultimately, it will make it harder for them to be present and see clearly. Not being aware of what is going on for them at a deeper level and thus, believing how they perceive and feel is a natural outcome of what is going on ‘out there’, will be seen as the cause of how they feel.

Still, that’s just part of it, as not only will their unresolved traumas influence how they see reality and behave, but they will also play a part in what takes place ‘out there’. In addition to projecting their inner reality onto their external world; they are co-creators of reality itself.

A Key Point

With this in mind, on one level, it can seem as if a large part of humanity was victimised by those at the top. But, at a deeper level, what was taking place within their own consciousness and the collective consciousness had a big effect on what took place.

What is held inside both of these fields of information is also shaping what is taking place and what will take place in the future. This shows that not only don’t those ‘at the top’ have all the power but they are a reflection of what is taking place within the collective consciousness.

Final Thoughts

Considering this, if what takes place externally is seen as being separate from what is taking place inside the collective consciousness, it is perfectly rational to see those at the top as the problem. Focusing on what ‘they’ are doing is an outgrowth of this and trying to change what is going on understandably becomes the focus.

If, on the other hand, what is taking place externally is seen as a manifestation of what is taking place internally and what needs to be resolved, it will be clear that focusing on and trying to change what is going on externally is a waste of time. What this will do is feed into what is going on and help to sustain a reality that is dysfunctional.

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