Even if someone doesn’t pay much attention to what is taking place in the mainstream media, they are likely to have a heard that a black man in America was killed by a white policeman and be aware of the protests that have ensued. These are protests have taken place throughout America and in other countries around the world.

When it comes to why this individual was killed, it has been said that it was purely because of the colour of his skin. It hasn’t mattered if this was actually the case, as this is the motive that this source is going with.

Two Reasons

Now, there are at least two reasons as to why someone would accept that this is the truth and not question if this is so. Firstly, they could have the tendency to believe just about everything that this source comes out with - preferring not to think critically.

Secondly, they may have been conditioned to see the world through the lens of what is often described as ‘identity politics.’ What this will do is make it hard for them to see people as individuals, with them being seen as belonging to a certain group and each group is either oppressed by others or oppresses others.

A Normal part of Society

Thanks to how someone like this has been conditioned to see reality, there will be no reason for them to question what this source has said. Their conditioning will cause them to see just about everything through a lens of race, gender, religion and sexual orientation.

Thus, it won’t have been necessary for this source to convince them that this individual’s skin colour was the reason that the policeman had his knee on his neck or that he even killed him; they will already have been programmed to perceive reality in this way. Naturally, perceiving reality in this way is going make it hard for them to accept that there are other reasons as to why someone would behave in a certain way; they will be too busy projecting motives into people.

The Focus

Whether it relates to the protests or the messages that have been shared online, it has typically been to make it clear that black lives matter. After someone has done something like this, they are likely to be completely convinced that this individual was killed and that it was for one reason and one reason only – he had black skin.

They won’t know for certain that this was the case and this won’t matter; bringing this fact up could cause them to label the questioner as a ‘racist’ (slander) or as someone who doesn’t believe that black lives matter (black and white thinking). But, regardless of if this happens or not, what is clear is that thousands of people around the world will believe something that isn’t necessarily true, with what they believe having defined their behaviour.

The Bigger Picture

It could be said that this is just part of human nature and that everyone believes things that are not true. This is not something that can be denied; however, when it comes to this situation, it has lead to a lot of destruction and disharmony amongst people.

If there is another reason, or a number of reasons, as to why this individual’s life came to an end, it will mean that a lot of people will have been manipulated and the mainstream media, once again, will have deceived a large part of the population. One argument that could be put forward here is that even if there is another reason why he had a knee on his neck and he wasn’t actually killed, so many individuals have been killed due to them having black skin and something needs to change.

Divide and Rule

With this in mind, it could even seem as though the mainstream also believes that black lives matter, hence why so much exposure has been given to what happened to this individual. While this could appear to be the case, there are a number of things that show this is not the complete truth.

For one thing, one has to wonder why what happened to this individual was given so much exposure; it’s not as though he is the only individual with black skin that has died recently. Could it be that this individual was given exposure due to the fact that his situation ticked all of the right boxes and this would most likely cause a large percentage of people to behave in a certain way?

Problem, Reaction, Solution

Could it be that this individual was seen as nothing more than a means to an end? As he had black skin and the other person had white skin and was policeman, it would play into this sources narrative that all white people are racist oppressors and all black people are oppressed victims.

It would also get a lot of people worked up just before an election, with a certain political party being only too happy to use this event to try to gain more votes. It has been pointed out that whenever there is an election coming up, something like this takes place.

Cutting Through the Bullsh*t

The mainstream media has lied time and time again, so why would this be any different? They know what to do to make so many people react in a certain way; they are the puppet masters.

Another key point that has been brought up by numerous people is that why it is that black lives are only seen as important when an individual with white skin has harmed/killed an individual with black skin. Again, this illustrates that the media and different governmental figures generally don’t care about individuals that have black skin, or anyone else for what matter; they have an agenda, an agenda that is passed down from the elites, and that agenda doesn’t involve people of all races, genders, religions, and sexual orientations getting on and living in peace and harmony.

There are so many ways to separate human beings and to make them fight/hate each other. To bring this violence and disharmony to an end, it is essential for human beings to realise that they have far more in common than that which divides them.

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