A little while ago, three public figures tried to enter the UK, only to end up behind bars for a few days. These people were seen as a threat due to the views that they had, and this meant that they had to go somewhere else once they were released.

An Odd Scenario

If this is taken at face value, it can sound as though the people in power were simply looking out for their fellow human beings. Their main job, after all, is to protect the citizens who give them the money and the power to do what they do.

It could then be said that is the end of it and there is no reason for anyone to look into what took place. However, while that is what a lot of people will do, there are others who are not willing to take this approach.

Completely Baffled

One thing that could come to mind for someone is why hundreds of jihadis have been allowed into the country. They could say that not only have they been allowed in, but they have been given all kinds of benefits.

It can then seem as though there is one law for some people and another law entirely for others. Another way of looking at this would be to say that words are now seen as more dangerous than bombs.

A Problem

The people who ended up behind bars (or in a contained room to be more precise) are not interested in killing anyone, but for some reason, their views were seen as dangerous. So, if their views are threat to the citizenry of the United Kingdom but the people who came back from fighting in the Middle East are not, what does that say about the people at the top?

What also needs to be pointed out here is that these people were trying to kill British troops while they were there. The obvious, albeit radical thing to say, is that the people at the top are working for terrorists as opposed to the citizens of the United Kingdom.

Up is down, left is right

If the average person was to hear this, they would probably say that that is a crazy idea and that you would have to be a conspiracy theorist to believe it. With that idea aside for the time being, it is clear that the government is not serving the people who they are supposed to serve.

It is as though the government is more scared of upsetting the criminals than they are of upsetting the people who are law abiding citizens. If this is the case, who is in control of the people at the top? Who do they work for?

Nothing New

The fact that these three people were detained can be seen as a blatant attack on free speech, which has been going on for quite some time now. This has been done in a very underhand way, though.

Clearly, if they had come out and said that they were cracking down on free speech, it wouldn’t have worked. There would have been plenty of people who would have pushed back and this would have stopped them from getting very far.

The Indirect Approach

The only thing that has needed to take place is to label certain things as ‘hate speech’, and it is then perfectly acceptable to silence them. What this does is tap into the average persons desire to be a good citizen and the fact that they are likely to have a fairly well-formed conscience is bound to help.

This is then very similar to how the powers that be often take advantage of people’s empathy, using their good nature to manipulate them. Thus, when it comes to what is currently taking place; it shows that it is often the wrong people who are being kept in line.

The Easiest Option

Yet, if the British people are generally easier to control and they make up the majority of the population, unlike the people who are coming back from fighting a war, for instance, it makes complete sense to silence them. Through stopping them from speaking out, it will be a lot easier for the government to maintain control.

And, if someone is not willing to suffer in silence and they do speak out, they can have them done for hate speech. Alternatively, they can just have them banned from a social media site and take their platform away.


The trouble with this approach is that silencing the people who are in touch with reality is nothing more than a short-term solution. This is very similar to how someone can tell a passenger in the car that they are driving to shut up, when they say that they are about to drive off a cliff.

It will stop this person from speaking, that is true, but it will only be a matter of time before they all die. Taking this into consideration, it is as though these hate speech laws have been set up to make people doubt what they see with their own eyes.

A Big Mistake

Silencing the people who can see what is going on will stop them from causing too much trouble, yet what it won’t do is deal with the problems that these people are trying to speak out about. It has been said that multiculturalism plays a part here, too, as out of the need not to offend certain groups, free speech has to go.

Ultimately, these people at the top don’t want people to be able to face reality; what they want is for them to be in a deluded state. This will cause them to believe that everything is going in the right direction and this will stop them from doing anything about what is going on.


Nonetheless, one doesn’t need to be Nostradamus to see that things are likely to get worse before they get better. The government will need to crack down even further to try to stop even more people from being able to face reality.

This is something that takes considerable resources, resources that could be put to better use. But due to a lack of moral courage at the top, these resources are being wasted on people who are often hard working citizens.

Lastly, it has been said that the truth will set you free, but this is not always the case when it comes to living in the United Kingdom, or anywhere else for that matter. It would be more accurate to say that if you speak the truth, you could lose your job or you could even end up behind bars.

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