With what is taking place in Ukraine and the damage that is being done, it can seem as though the main problem is the president of Russia – Vladimir Putin. The reason for this is that he is at the forefront of what is taking place.

So, if he was to change his mind and put an end to what is going on, the war would soon come to an end. Most importantly, this would save lives and, along with this, it would stop infrastructure from being destroyed and allow the people of Ukraine to begin to mourn what has taken place and start to rebuild their lives.

Back and White

Therefore, it will be clear what the problem is and it will be clear what the solution is. Naturally, most people on this planet will want what is going on to come to an end as soon as possible.

However, although this will be so, the average person is likely to see themselves as having very little, if any control over what is going on. When they think about Putin, though, they are likely to think of someone who has a lot of power.

A Helpless Place

Thanks to this, they, along with many of their fellow human beings, can hope that what is going on changes before long. For example, they could hope that Putin is able to come to his senses.

Furthermore, they could hope that their government as well as other governments do more to stop what he is doing and even to bring his time in power to an end. With the threat of another world war looming, it could be said that the sooner this happens the better.

Nothing New

This scenario might be new for most of the people who are alive today but it is not a scenario that humanity hasn’t been through before. Not too long ago, many people’s ancestors were involved in one if not two world wars.

And, although these wars were brutal and millions were killed, it is often said that the lessons were not learned. As a result of this, what took place in the past could very well happen again and this time, due to the weaponry that is now available, it could be far worse than ever before.

A Natural Outcome

With this view in mind, if humanity had learned the lessons of the past wars, it is unlikely that what is going on right now would be taking place. Until these lessons are learned, then, the past will continue to be repeated.

This whole outlook can be seen as a consequence of living in a society that has a very materialistic view of the world. In a society like this, a citizen will just be an observer of what is going on externally and thus they will be separate from everyone and everything.

How it Is

When it comes to describing why certain things happen, it will be put down to things such as good and bad luck, fortune and misfortune, and an act of God or Mother Nature, for instance. Ergo, apart from some good luck here and there, the average person will be nothing more than a victim of circumstances, that’s in addition to being victimised by those in power.

As this will be seen as the truth, it is to be expected that they, along with most of their fellow citizens, won’t believe that they can do anything about someone such as Putin. What is going on won’t have anything to do with them and even if it did, it wouldn’t matter.

Another Angle

If they were to think about Putin and how he is behaving, they could soon see that he is nothing like them. While he can be seen as someone who is possessed by ‘evil’, they can see themselves as having no ‘evil’ inside them.

Now, if it was put forward to them that the sense of separation that they experience is an illusion and that Putin might embody some of the things that they, along with their fellow citizens, have disowned inside themselves, this could be seen as crazy. As far as they are concerned, it might have absolutely no basis in reality.

A New Paradigm

If this is the case, it would mean that they, along with their fellow citizens, are not merely passive observers of reality and victims of circumstances. It would mean that they are co-creating what is taking place.

What is going on out there is then going to appear to have very little to do with them, but it will be an expression of what is held inside the collective consciousness. This will be made up of what is taking place inside each person’s consciousness.

The Mirror

If what is taking place out there is an expression of what is taking place inside the collective consciousness, it would mean that Putin or at the very least what he is doing is a manifestation of what is taking place at this level. It is then not that he just appeared out of nowhere; he was brought into existence.

Still, this is not to say that humanity has consciously chosen to co-create what is going on; no, most of what appears both at an individual and collective level is coming from the unconscious mind and collective unconscious respectively. Another way of looking at this would be to say that Putin is a manifestation of humanity’s shadow.

An Unwanted Messenger

Purely seeing him as the problem and dealing with him would stop what is going on and that would do a lot of good but what it wouldn’t do is deal with what led to his creation. Before long, another individual who is very similar would probably end up doing or attempting to do the same thing.

When it comes to humanity’s shadow, this will partly be made up of people’s painful feelings and parts of themselves that are seen as being unacceptable. This inner material and these aspects will be hidden from their conscious awareness but that doesn’t mean that they will lie dormant; instead, they will have an impact on what they do and don’t experience and what does and doesn’t take place on the planet as a whole.

Final Thoughts

If something has to exist internally in order for it to be experienced externally, then it is essential for humanity to understand the importance of consciousness and dealing with their own darkness. Without this, all kinds of lessons can be learned at a head level but the same scenarios are likely to continue to play out because of the illusion of separation and repressed darkness.

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