When a brand released a short film a little while ago focusing on ‘Toxic masculinity’, a lot was said about how it demonized men in general. One part of the short film that stood out for a lot of people was where men were lined up in front of BBQs, with this being a clear example of men who had been castrated.

Naturally, it would have been too blatant if these men’s penises had been chopped off and were on the BBQs, and it would have been too explicit too. So what they did, to get around this, was to have them lined up in front of a BBQ with a sausage cooking.

A Well-Thought-Out Advert

This is then one example that surely shows that this short film was not simply written in one afternoon and then quickly thrown together soon after. It is also highly likely that every detail of it was scrutinised before it was released.

Now, this wouldn’t have taken place to make sure that the short film wouldn’t offend anyone; it would have been done to make sure that it wouldn’t offend the wrong people. It is socially acceptable to lay into men; whereas the same can’t be said about women.

A Clear Sign

The fact that this company hasn’t created a short film shaming women, and it is unlikely that they ever will, backs this up. The socially acceptable narrative is that women are good and men are bad - a clear sign of black and white thinking.

Due to this, men are going to be the ones who need to sort it out because women are already sorted. It is then as if men are these primitive beings, whilst women are highly evolved beings.

Divide and Rule

It is clear that this narrative does more harm than good, creating unnecessary tension and anger between men and women. Even so, this narrative makes it easier for the establishment to control the citizenry.

Instead of people being able to work together, they end up fighting each other. This doesn’t lead to anything positive in the long run; the only thing it does is allows the establishment to direct people in a certain direction.

The Reality

Ultimately, men and women are here to complement each other and to balance each other out, not to fight each other. What makes it easier for the establishment to divide men and women is the trauma that so many people carry.

The inner wounds that they have in relation to their own mothers and fathers end up being projected onto other people. The outcome of this is that early childhood dynamics end up being continually replayed, creating endless drama in the process.

The Big Problem

If it was easy for someone to see how their inner wounds are being mirrored back to them externally, they would be able to limit the amount of drama that they add to the world. But as the mind has all kinds of defences to make sure that it doesn’t have to face pain, it can make it more or less impossible for someone to realise what is going on and to take responsibility for their own pain.

Their problems are then going to be out there instead of within them, which will just about guarantee that they wont face themselves. Still, someone like this could be all for changing the world, even though they are not up for changing themselves.

Another Scene

Along with the part of the short film that had a number of castrated men lined up, there was another part that had a big impact on a lot of people. This was the part where a man goes to speak to a woman and another guy physically stops him from going forward.

The other guy basically says that what he is trying to do is not a good thing and restrains him. Based on how this other man responded to him, it is as though he was about to go and harm the woman.

An Odd Scenario

In reality, this man was going to do something that is perfectly normal – to approach a woman he is attracted to. This scene is then making out that there is something inherently wrong with doing this.

What this scene is saying is that when a man sees an attractive woman and wants to talk to her, he wants to do something that is wrong. This, of course, plays into the narrative that men are all misogynists who just want to mistreat women.

A Deeper Look

To condition men to believe that it is wrong to respectfully approach a woman is undoubtedly a great way to divide men and women and to lower the population. If they are not forming connections and having children, there is only one way for the population to go.

Another view that has been put forward is that this is something that toxic feminists promote due to their own envy. As a result of what they look like and how they behave, these women might not be approached by men, and, as this can make it hard for them to handle it when other women do get approached, their envy can give them the need to make sure that other women don’t experience what they cant have.


A woman like this can then make out that she is a virtuous human being and all the rest of it, yet this will simply be a facade. And if a man doesn’t approach women in the real world, what is he supposed to do?

Sure, he can use dating apps, but it will be a lot harder for a man to authentically connect to a woman using these apps and if he doesn’t have the right appearance, he might not get very far either. It has been proven that only a small percentage of men are successful online.

If a man was to develop himself and became good at approaching, he will be able to express who he is and to find out if he actually likes a woman, without being ignored based on his external appearance. He can take this area of his life into his own hands as opposed to passively waiting around for a match from a woman who he might not even get on with in the real world.

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