As a result of the pandemic, a large part of humanity has spent a lot of time feeling powerless and hopeless. Fortunately, as time has passed, some people have been able to move beyond this experience.

Sadly, there are others who haven’t been able to move beyond this experience. Still, even if someone has been able to move beyond it, it doesn’t mean that they won’t end up returning to it further down the line and vice versa.

The Only Issue

Due to the impact that this contagion has had on the world, it can be normal for someone to want things to go back to how they were before. This can be seen as being a time when everything was better.

However, although it would be easy to see the contagion as the problem, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that humanity as a whole, felt powerful and full of hope before. Ergo, this is yet another situation where a large part of humanity feels as though they have no control.

Back In Time

If someone, then, who has felt powerless and helpless throughout this time, was to go back on their timeline, they may find that they often felt this way before. Or, if this wasn’t the case, they may have been able to deny how they felt.

They may have had a number of different ways to do this, such as buying things, eating things and/or travelling. Consequently, what is going on externally will be different but how they feel won’t be.

One Level

When it comes to how so many people felt before and have felt during the contagion, it can seem as though this is simply due to what is going on externally. The world is then the way that it is and a large part of humanity just has to put up with it.

The best thing that the average person can do is to stay positive and tolerate what is going on. The alternative, of course, is for them to get caught up in how they feel and end up feeling down and depressed.

Another Level

Nonetheless, while it may seem as though so many people have felt this way thanks to what is going on externally, what if there is more to it than this? What if what is going on externally is merely a reflection of how a large part of humanity feels?

If this is so, it would mean that a large part of humanity will feel a certain way and these feelings will co-create what is going on externally. How they feel will then seem to be an effect of what is going on; when in reality, it will be the cause.


Now, after hearing this, someone could believe that this is not something that has any basis in reality. What is going on “out there” can be seen as having very little to do with how they feel.

After all, their feelings will just be things that they experience inside their own body; they won’t be connected to the external world. Also, the fact that they are resisting what is going on can be seen as another sign that what was has been said is not true.

Going Deeper

In order for someone to get their head around this, they will need to bear in mind that their ego-mind is what causes them to see their external world as separate from their inner world. This is a consequence of ego consciousness, with duality being the outcome of this.

Therefore, even though it will seem as though what is taking place inside them has no effect on what is taking place outside them, this is nothing more than an illusion. What this illustrates is how powerful both they and their feelings are.

Another Illusion

According to their eyes, they will be solid and what is going around them will also be solid. Nonetheless, something that quantum physics has proven is that everything is made up of vibrating energy.

Things that are vibrating at the same frequency are drawn together; whereas those that aren’t, are repelled from each other. What this means is that if someone feels powerless and hopeless, for instance, they are going to be vibrating at a certain frequency and they will end up drawing things to them that are an energetic match.

Stepping Back

Taking this into account, if there are millions of people who feel this way, there will be the experiences that they co-create that affect them on an individual level and the experiences that they co-create that affect them and everyone else who is vibrating at the same frequency. Without this understanding in place, though, what is taking place will be seen as simply happening to them.

The outcome of this is that they, along with those who have the same outlook, will see themselves as a powerless victim. Certain people “out there” will be in control of their life and there won’t be a great deal that they can do.

Two Minds

What needs to be kept in mind here is that most of what the average person co-creates is coming from their unconscious mind. This is another reason why it can be hard for them to see the connection between what is going on internally and what is going on externally.

Their unconscious mind will contain the feelings, thoughts and parts of themselves that they have disconnected from over the years. From here, these parts will have an effect on what they attract and repel.

Final Thoughts

This emphasises how important it is for someone to be aware of how they feel and to make sure that they are not dwelling in or avoiding their feelings. Most, if not all, of the “negative” feelings that they experience, can be a consequence of what took place during their early years.

This stage of their life would have left them with a number of emotional wounds and these wounds will need to be worked through. By doing this, and changing themselves in the process, their consciousness will change and this will have an effect on the collective consciousness.

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