If someone has anything good to say about president Trump, there are least two things that can happen, and what happens will most likely depend on who is around them. One could end up receiving positive feedback or they could end up receiving negative feedback.

There is the chance that one would have only spoken about him because they knew that they were around people who also supported him. This is not necessarily a sign that this person has a strong need to fit in; it could simply show that they want to protect their livelihood.

The Status Quo

In today’s world, only certain opinions, views and ideas are seen as acceptable, and supporting Trump is not on the list of things that are classed as being acceptable. It is often believed that the only way someone could support him is if they are a racist and/or a sexist, amongst other things.

As a result of this, Trump supporters often have to keep their views to themselves. Only talking about him to people who also support him is then a way for them to make sure that their life isn’t destroyed.

The Other Extreme

If, on the other hand, someone only has bad things to say about him, they can end up receiving a lot of positive feedback from others. What they say can seen as the truth and that’s all there is to it.

This can be the case if someone works in the education system or at a big corporation, for instance. Expressing these types of views is not going to put their livelihood at risk; it will simply endear them to most of the people around them.

In The Middle

Along with the people who think he’s wonderful and those who hate him, there are going to be people who neither love nor hate him. They might be aware of some of the good things he has done and some of the not so good things he has done.

Conversely, they might not give a lot of thought to what he is or isn’t doing, preferring to focus on other things. Someone like this might not be into politics – this could be an area of life that doesn’t interest them.

All Over the World

It would be easy to assume that the types of people who have been mentioned above live in America, but there are likely to be people like this all over the world. It then won’t matter if Trump is their president or not.

When it comes to how someone views him, the mainstream media may have had a big effect. In general, this source of information has been only too happy to portray him in a certain way.

A Buffoon

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what Trump says or does as the mainstream media typically make him out to be an idiot. He is then a human being who is completely incapable and it is quite frankly a miracle that he is in the white house.

Yet, even if someone doesn’t pay attention to the mainstream media, they can still struggle to understand how he was able to get into the white house. If they live in America they might wonder what has happened to their country and, if they don’t, they might wonder what has happened to America.

Two Experiences

However, even if one does pay attention to how the media portrays him and thinks he’s a bit of a joke, it doesn’t mean that they will spend a lot of time thinking about him each day. There is the chance that they will have far more important things to think about.

But while this is how some people will be, there are going to be others who are basically obsessed with him. This obsession won’t be fuelled by love, though; it will be fuelled by hate.

One Focus

A large part of their mental and emotional energy is going to be used thinking about what he is or isn’t doing, and they might spend a lot of time reading articles and watching videos about him. One way of looking at this would be to say that they are wasting their life and that they need to refocus their mind.

Instead of putting so much of their time and energy into what they can’t control; they should start putting it into what they can control. Not only would this make them feel better, it would also allow them to have positive effect on the world.

A Closer Look

After someone has become aware of how destructive it is for them to behave in this way, it might be possible for them to gradually change their behaviour. Then again, they may find that experiencing life in this way is what feels comfortable.

Trump will be someone who they can put down in their own mind and when they are around others, which can allow them to feel good about themselves. In their eyes, he will be a worthless human being.


What this can then show is that one has disconnected from the parts of themselves that they don’t like, causing them to attribute these parts to Trump. One is then seeing their own shadow/dark side in him, and this is why it causes such a strong reaction in them.

But, as they are unaware of the fact that they have disconnected from these parts of themselves and are projecting them onto him, they are unable to realise why their buttons are being pressed. One is then just responding normally to someone who is an idiot and is not playing a part in how they are experiencing life.


When someone is unable to accept certain feelings or characteristics, they will be split-off and seen in other people. This usually relates to feelings that are too painful for them to tolerate and characteristics that are seen as being bad.

If someone is aware of what is going on, they will be able to reclaim what belongs to them and to gradually heal their wounds, thereby allowing them to grow and develop. Without this understanding, one will be too focused on what they have projected onto others to be able to heal themselves.

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