Recently, a number of videos that have been made that look deeper into what is going on behind the scenes. Somewhere, in particular, that has been given a lot of attention is a place in America that is known all over the world for making films.

For those that have just started to take a deeper look into all this, it will be clear that what this place is generally known for is not the only thing that goes on there. There are then going to be others that have been aware of this for many, many years.

Drawing the Line

It could be said that it is a good thing that the light is being shined on this place, along with others, so that something can be done. For so long, what has been taking place was only able to take place because it was hidden from plain sight.

Now that it has been brought out into the open, there is the chance for what has been going on to come to an end. Also, the people that have been aware of this for a while will be pleased that what they know is now something that millions of people are aware of.

Seeing For The First Time

So, after someone has started to see what is actually going on in the world, they could wonder how they have been deceived for so long. They could be angry at those that have deceived them and even at themselves for going along with the show.

It will be clear that everything that they thought was real was, in fact, about as a real as any of the films that they have watched over the years. There will be what they thought was going on and what is actually going on.

Two Options

The next step can be for them to cut down on the amount of attention they give to the show that is being broadcast each and every day and to even create their own videos online that shine the light on what is going on to help others. What has been going on in the world has been living off their attention and taking their attention away from it will deprive it of the energy that it needs to exist.

They could talk to their friends about what is going on and try to educate them if they are not up to speed on what is going on. How effective this is is likely to depend on how open-minded they are.

The Main Thing

At this stage, one could come to believe that what is important right now is for them to continue to find out about what is going on in the world. This will be what they need to do to change their life and to have an impact on the world.

If they were to do this, it is unlikely to be difficult for them to come into contact with more information that will do this. The internet is full of articles, videos and books that go into this stuff, with this being information that the mainstream media won’t have covered.

Another Trap

If someone wasn’t aware of what is going on and this has changed, it is to be expected that they will believe that they are starting to wake up. They will never be the same again and they won’t see the world around them in the same way again, either.

However, what if becoming aware of what is going on ‘out there’ is just another distraction, something that will actually prevent one from truly waking up? What if waking up has got very little to do with becoming aware of what is going on externally and a lot to do with what is going on internally?

A Match

What if all the toxicity that exists ‘out there’ is simply a reflection of the toxicity that exists in people? This toxicity can be pushed right down in so many people, stopping them from even being aware that it exists inside them.

Nevertheless, it will still be there and, as it is inside them, it will need to be mirrored back in some way by the external world. What is going on externally will then be an energetic match (in resonance) with what is going on internally.

All in It Together

Another way of looking at this would be to say that everyone on this planet has their own consciousness and then there is a collective consciousness. Or, everyone has their own resonance field and there is one big resonance field.

When it comes to what someone gives off and feeds into the collective, it will relate to what is taking place in their conscious and unconscious mind. It can be relatively easy for someone to find out about what is taking place in their conscious mind, yet it can be a lot harder of them to find out about what is taking place in their unconscious mind.

Two Extremes

The unconscious mind has been described as the part of one's being that carries all of the stuff that their conscious mind doesn’t want to acknowledge. In other words, it is the rug that hides all of the dirt and dust that they don’t want to deal with.

This part of their being will carry painful feelings, negative beliefs and trauma, amongst other things. Now, all this ‘material’ won’t be able to get into their conscious mind but that doesn’t mean that it will lie dormant; it will have an effect on their life and on the world as a whole.


What this comes down to is that one is not simply an observer of the world; this is just an illusion that their mind creates. They are both an observer and a co-creator of the world that they perceive with their own eyes (brain).

Taking all this into account, it doesn’t mean that one is to blame for what is going on or that they have been consciously creating the toxicity that is in the world; this a time for awareness, not finger-pointing. This is a time for one to take a step back and to see how their own baggage has been having a negative effect on them and the world, and to work through it.

Lastly, the following quote from the Way of the Peaceful Warrior goes into what needs to take place, "The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Thus, for the world to change, attention needs to be directed away from what has been going on and directed towards building something that is wholesome.

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