In today’s world, the general view is that the citizenry is being victimised by those at the top. For some, this relates to the government and for others, this relates to those that live in the shadows.

If, then, it wasn’t for what these people have done and are doing, the world would be a very different place. Another way of looking at this would be to say that the average person has no power, while this small group of people at the top have all the power.

Two Options

Due to this, someone will just have to tolerate what is going on or find a way to educate their fellow human beings about what is going on. If they do tolerate what is going on, it won’t be hard for them to find ways to numb themselves to what is going on.

Whether it is food, drink or drugs, for instance, they will be able to avoid the reality that they live in, if only for a short while. Alternatively, if they opt for the second option, they can share videos and articles about what is ‘really going on’ and hope to wake their fellow human beings up in the process.

Two Levels

But, although it seems as though the average person is powerless and a select group of people have all the power, what if this is only true on one level? What if, on another level, this is nothing more than an illusion?

What if this power imbalance has got more to do with what is going on for the citizenry than it has with what is going on externally? At this point, someone could dismiss these points and believe that they are the view of someone that is out of touch with reality.

Going Deeper

However, even though it seems as though someone is just observing what is going on ‘out there’ and is not having much of an impact on their experience, this is not actually the case. The trouble is that their mind and their eyes create this impression.

If someone is then more or less completely attached to seeing reality in this way, it is naturally going to be hard for them to consider, let alone accept the idea that they are not merely passive observers of their reality. Along with observing what is going on ‘out there’, what is taking place inside them is also having an impact on what they experience.

What does this mean?

Therefore, if they and their fellow citizens live in a society and a world that is not very loving and kind, and is actually quite dark, it shows that this is what is taking place inside them. Upon hearing this, they could react strongly or just dismiss what is said.

In one way or another, they could make it clear that they are loving and kind and are nothing like those at the top, among other things. Now, they could be someone loving and kind and anything but a tyrant.

Another Angle

Still, another point that also needs to be introduced here is that in addition to them having a conscious mind, they also have an unconscious mind. The part of them that gives them their conscious sense of themselves is then just a small part of them, with this other part of them being far bigger.

And, not only is it far bigger but it also has a far greater impact on their life than their conscious mind does. One of the things that this other part of them contains is the parts of themselves that they have repressed.

A Dumping Ground

Painful feelings, aspects of themselves that are not seen as being acceptable and negative thoughts will then be found in this part to them. This will then relate to material that their conscious mind has forgotten all about.

Thanks to this ability, at a conscious level, they can see themselves as being good, kind, and even having a ‘high vibration’ to use modern parlance, for instance. When, in reality, as a result of what they have lost touch with inside themselves, they can contain a certain amount of ‘darkness’.


What this illustrates is how someone’s brain, in order to allow them to function and keep it together, can deceive them into believing that they are more evolved than they actually are. By having this view of themselves, thanks to them being unaware of what is held inside them at a deeper level and identifying with a small part of their consciousness, it is to be expected that they would see themselves as being on one side of the spectrum (the good side) and those ‘out there’ are being on the other (the bad side).

But, if they were to realise that there is more to them and that another part of them contains the material that they have lost touch with over the years, it will allow them to see that it is not this black and white. This illustrates how important both self-awareness and self-knowledge are.

Final Thoughts

For someone to see themselves as both an observer and a creator of their reality is, of course, radically different to the age-old outlook that they are at the whim of what those ‘out there’ are doing. Undoubtedly, as more and more people have this outlook and deal with their own inner darkness, what is going on ‘out there’ at an individual and collective level will change.

This will show that human beings as a whole are phasing out their view of themselves as passive observers of reality and are gaining a greater understanding of their own nature. They will be remembering who they are.

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