Once something has been pushed out of someone’s conscious mind, it can seem as though it has disappeared. This could be something that takes place in a very short period of time or it could take a little while longer.

At one moment in time, then, it will have been there and in the next, it will have gone; or so it will seem. Of course, just because their conscious mind will have lost touch with something, whatever it was, it doesn’t mean that it will have left their being.

Two Parts

It will now be found in their unconscious mind/body and from here, it will have an impact on their life. However, this is not to say that it will have an impact on their life straight away as it could take a little while to exert its influence.

When it does exert its influence on their life, there is the chance that they won’t be able to join the dots, so to speak. Due to how much time will have passed and what actually takes place, it can appear to be completely unrelated.

One Step Back

But, if someone believes that what they push out of their conscious mind has disappeared, why would they believe that it would have an impact on their life anyway? Also, they can see themselves as nothing more than an observer of their reality.

As a result, what they have disconnected from will shape their reality but this won’t be something that they are aware of. If what they have lost touch with causes them to experience something ‘negative’, they could see themselves as being ‘unlucky’.


After something like this has happed a few times, they could end up feeling angry and frustrated, and it could seem as if someone or something ‘out there’ is against them and wants them to suffer. Unless they go within and deal with what is behind the external manifestation, the same thing will probably continue to occur.

Looking at this from the outside, it could be said that they will not only be unaware of how their inner world is affecting their outer world, they will also lack self-knowledge. It would be easy to judge them but they will simply be a product of their environment.

The Modern-Day World

During their time in the education system, it is unlikely that they were taught about the impact that their inner world has on their outer world or given the guidance that they needed to understand themselves. After this, they would have gone into a world that is primarily focused on the external.

Considering this, there is no reason why they would experience life in any other way. This means that there are going to plenty of other people on this earth that have a very similar experience, with them pushing parts of themselves out of their conscious mind and into their unconscious mind/body and being victimised by those parts of themselves.

A Build-Up

If someone has been doing this their whole life, it is highly likely that they will be carrying a lot of ‘baggage’. This ‘baggage’ won’t just be stored in their unconscious mind; it will also feed into the collective unconscious.

The baggage that every other human being carries in their unconscious mind will also feed into this collective field. This is something that won’t be picked up by the naked eye but it is something that exists nevertheless.

A Combined effort

So, just as the baggage that is held in someone’s own unconscious will have an impact on their own life, what is held in the collective unconscious will have an impact on countries and the planet as a whole. What manifests in the external world will largely be fuelled by what is held in the depths of millions and millions of people’s beings.

Once it has manifested, it will mainly be seen as something that is happening to humanity as opposed to something that humanity has collectively brought into existence. Depending on what has occurred, a large part of the population can end up being overwhelmed with fear and/or feel powerless, for instance.

Perfectly Normal

Yet, as it will be something that humanity hasn’t consciously brought into existence, this is to be expected. If there was a widespread understanding of what was going on, it would be clear that something could be done about what was going on.

A large part of humanity wouldn’t see themselves as powerless victims that are at the whim of Mother Nature, fate or something else entirely. With this understanding, the understanding that they are not merely observers of their reality and are actively playing a part in what is going on ‘out there’, they would know that they can collectively, and individually, change the world.

The Key Points

The outlook that human beings are just observers of their reality and that what is going on ‘out there’ is not influenced by their inner world has certainly held humanity back. It has robbed so many people of their inherent power and created the need for someone or something ‘out there’ to save them.

The answers to the challenges that they face are then not within them, they are in the hands of a powerful person or even a being/s from another planet. This stops so many people from playing their part, ensuring that the world changes very slowly.


With that said, it is vital for each individual on this planet to deal with their own baggage. As each person cleans out their own unconscious mind, the collective unconscious will also change.

The external world will end up mirroring this change, which will lead to the creation of a very different earth. At the same time, it is said that only a small percentage of people need to change in order for massive change to occur, taking away the need for everyone to heal their inner wounds.

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