Irrespective of whether someone pays attention to the mainstream media or the alternative media, they are going to be aware of things that are taking place in the world that are bad. Perhaps the main difference, if they pay attention to the latter, is that they can be aware of things that are far worse.

One of the reasons for this is that the mainstream media only covers certain topics. The alternative media, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same restrictions and often goes far deeper into things.

Far Worse

Consequently, if someone believes things are bad after paying attention to mainstream sources, they can believe that things are even worse if they pay attention to these other sources of information. When it comes to some of these sources, this period of time will be seen as a battle between good and evil.

When this is seen as the case, what is going on can also be seen as the work of the devil. This can be a sign that whoever is presenting this information is religious, but, then again, they might not be.

One Focus

Now, thanks to social media, someone can find out about what is going on from the moment they wake up, until the moment that they go to sleep. Through watching videos, reading articles and listening to podcasts, for instance, they can stay informed.

This is likely to be a time when they will experience a variety of different feelings. For example, they can experience anxiety and fear, anger and rage, excitement and hopefulness, and/or helplessness and despair.

It’s all coming out

However, even if there are moments when they don’t feel good and can’t see a way forward, they could soon be in a very different state. What can positively impact their mood can be all of the information that shows that the truth is finally coming out.

Unlike in the past, then, masks will be falling and what has been hidden for so long is being revealed. In other words, the time of evil ruling the world is coming to an end a new era is imminent.

Black And White

Based on this, it could be said that there are those that are good and those that are bad. The majority of the population will be good, while those who are behind the scenes and in control will be bad.

The average person is then going to be a powerless victim and those at the top are going to be all-powerful perpetrators. They, like their fellow citizens, will have been taken advantage of and the main way that they will be able to change the world is by becoming aware of what is going on ‘out there’ and dealing with those who are in control.

Another Angle

Nonetheless, although this can be seen as the truth, what if there is far more to it? What if the citizenry is not merely powerless victims in all this and is playing a part in what is going on?

This is not to say that they are consciously choosing to experience life in this way, though. But, as the part of them that is primarily playing a part in why the world is the way it is, is hidden, it will seem as if what is going on ‘out there’ is the problem.

Going Deeper

Said another way, along with someone having a conscious mind, they also have an unconscious mind, and the latter is far stronger and impactful than the former. And, while they conscious mind or conscious sense of themselves can be full of positivity and ‘goodness’, their conscious mind can be full of negativity and darkness.

Yet, as their brain is designed to keep them unconscious - unaware of what is taking place inside them to allow them to function and keep it together - they can be oblivious to this fact. But, even if they are full of negativity and darkness and are not aware of this, due to their brain’s ability to generally this material keep at bay, it doesn’t mean that it will just lie dormant.

One Consequence

No, what is taking place inside them will have an impact on what does and doesn’t take place in their own life and what takes place on the planet as a whole. In other words, what is held inside them is externalised.

Therefore, even though their mind will create the impression that they are separate from everyone and everything; this is nothing more than an illusion. Taking this into account, they are anything but a powerless victim – they are a powerful co-creator.

A New Outlook

By seeing what is going on ‘out there’ as an externalisation of what is taking place for themselves and their fellow citizens, it will be clear that purely focusing on and trying to change what is going on externally is a waste of time. It will be very similar to cleaning a dirty mirror to see better, whilst wearing dirty sunglasses.

The challenge is that purely focusing on and changing what is going on externally is far more appealing than going within and facing and working through inner wounds. The reason for this is that focusing on what is going on externally can allow someone to release anger, feel powerful and receive attention and approval, yet focusing on what is going on internally can cause them to feel helpless and they are unlikely to receive much attention for engaging in this work.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the inner darkness that someone carries, this will relate to what they have experienced as an adult and during their early years. This material will have been removed from their conscious awareness via repression.

Facing and working through this repressed inner material will take courage and patience and persistence.

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