One of the things that the mainstream likes to is to do portray all women as victims and all men as perpetrators. There are men and women who are happy to go along with this and there are men and women who are not.

And regardless of whether someone is happy to go along with how the mainstream media often portrays each gender, their own experiences are likely to play a part. Said another way, this source of information will either validate or invalidate what they go through in their day-to-day life.

Another Element

At the same time, it wouldn’t be right to say that the mainstream media is the only source that has this view. The education system often promotes this idea, allowing them to condition young minds.

Consequently, there are two incredibly powerful forces in the world that are going to play a part in how a lot of people see themselves and their fellow human beings. If someone is happy to go along with how the mainstream media and education often portrays each gender, their life is going to be different to someone who doesn’t.

One Experience

If a woman does go along with these two sources sell, she may be used to coming into contact with men who are not very pleasant. Perhaps she has been with a number of men who were abusive.

Having said that, she may even be in a relationship with a man that is abusive in some way. Accordingly, hearing one of the above sources talk about how bad men are is going to be music to her ears.


It will be clear to them that they are not the only ones who are going through this, and it can be as though this is just what women go through in today’s world. They will then be victims, but at least they won’t be the only ones in this position.

And, thanks to the sources above, they will be able to use shame, along with the government, to try to change men’s behaviour. But, as men are so bad, this will be seen as the right thing to do.

For Him

This is likely to be seen as a way to rebalance the power that men have in society. If a man was to go along with these two sources, he may also be used to coming into contact with men who abuse their power.

He may feel ashamed of his own gender and this may cause him to do what he can to make the world better for women. Due to the amount of negativity he carries, it is likely to be a challenge for him to feel good about himself.

Another Experience

On the other hand, if woman doesn’t go along with these two sources sell, she may have come into contact with a number of men throughout her life who were anything but abusive. Not only this, she may have grown up around at least one man who she loved and appreciated.

And, if she is in a relationship, she will most likely spend a lot of time with a man who she holds in high regard. As a result of this, it is likely to be hard for her to get her head around what these sources come out with.


When it comes to a man who doesn’t go along with all this, he may believe that this shows how much hate there is towards men in today’s society. In his eyes, the reason why this doesn’t stand out could be because of how much attention there is on misogyny.

He may see that the dominant narrative is that men are the ones with issues, while women haven’t got any. It will then be clear that these sources are more interested in dividing men and women than bringing them together.

Stepping Back

Nevertheless, although it would be easy to point the finger at these two sources, if there wasn’t conflict between men and women to begin with these sources wouldn’t have the same influence. What they have to sell wouldn’t interest people, and, along with this, no one would be interested being part of something that would divide men and women.

When it comes to the experiences that a man/woman has with the opposite sex, what took place during the beginning of their life will have played a part. It can be a case of the more conflict a man/women had with their opposite sex parent as a child, the more conflict they are likely to have with the opposite sex as an adult.

Another Factor

The trouble is that due to the years that will have passed since this time in their life, it can be hard for someone to see the connection. This can then cause them to believe that all men/women are the same, as opposed to being able to see how see that the men/women they attract are mirroring back what is taking place within them.

In addition to what took place when they were younger, there can also be what was passed down to them from their ancestors. Thus, even if someone didn’t have a negative relationship with caregivers earlier on, they can still be carrying trauma.

A Big Impact

How they perceive the opposite sex and feel about them can then be defined by what their ancestors went through. If they don’t realise what is taking place, it might cause them to treat men/women as though they are responsible for their ancestors went through.

What is clear is that when someone blames men/women for what their caregivers did and/or what their ancestors went through, it is not going to make the world a better place. The only thing that it will do is add more fuel to a fire that is already burning ferociously.


This shows how important it is for someone to become aware of what is taking place within them and then to heal their own wounds, as well as what has been passed down to them. Doing this will improve their interactions with the opposite sex and they will be able to serve as an example to others.

With the assistance of a therapist or a healer, for instance, someone can heal their emotional wounds and what was passed down to them.

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