Nowadays, it is not uncommon for someone to do yoga, but if they do don’t yoga, they may have tried it at last once in their life. And in the same way that there are all types of martial arts, there also all types of yoga.

The Right Fit

So, just as one can have a social media profile that reflects their personality or a website that does the same thing; they can find a type of yoga that matches up with who they are. But regardless of whether one does yoga or they have done in the past, they might not describe themselves as spiritual.

If they do yoga on a regular basis, this could simply be a way to keep themselves flexible and to calm their mind, for instance. This could mean that they are religious, but then again, this might not be the case either.

Another Experience

On the other hand, one could do yoga on a regular basis, and they could describe themselves as spiritual. As a result of this, this is going to be about far more than just calming their mind and staying flexible.

Perhaps this will be a time when one will be able to connect to something greater than themselves. And, even if one only does yoga from time to time, this could still be their primary aim.

Something Else

In addition to this, one could spend time meditating each day or they could do this a few times a week. This may just be a way for them to observe what is taking place within them, or it there could be far more to it.

However, while one could do both yoga and mediation, they might only do the latter. At the same time, they might have moments when they spend time doing one thing and moments when they do the other.

Another Sign

Even if one does these things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will wear bright coloured clothes or that they won’t eat meat. This is something that can come to mind when someone thinks about people who engage in these kinds of practises.

One might still eat meat, but they could do what they can to make sure that the meat that they eat is ethically sourced, for instance. Along with what they eat, there could be times when they take things to raise their consciousness.

Psychedelic Drugs

Through taking man-made drugs or things that have grown in the earth, they will be able to “expand their mind.” After this has taken place, they could end up with a new way of looking at not only themselves, but the world in general.

This could be something that they do a few times a year, or they might do it on a regular basis. Having said that, they might no longer feel the need to engage in these kinds of things.

One Outlook

If someone experiences life in this way, or even if they only engage in a few of these things, it could be said that this shows that they are an evolved human being. For one thing, they are not going to be caught up in mundane matters.

In a way, their priority will be to go to the next level, and they might do what they can to encourage other people to take the same approach. And as they focus on what is going on up top, they are likely to be aware of what is going on down below, too.

Both Sides

What this means is that one is not just going to have higher ideals and different ways of perceiving life, they will also be emotionally developed. One is then going to have the ability to handle their emotions, which will allow them to tune into how they feel and to express how they feel at the right time.

Through being this way, they are unlikely to have an emotional build-up, and neither will they have the tendency to run way from how they feel. This is going to make it easier for them to have fulfilling relationships.

A Balanced Human Being

When one has a good relationship with their emotions and they take care of their ‘higher’ needs, it could be said that they are in balance. But while this will be the case for some people who are spiritual, it is not going to case for everyone.

Consequently, there are going to be people who are focused on what is going on up top and overlook what is going on down below. This could show that they experience life in this way in order to avoid what is taking place in their body.

Spiritual Bypassing

By engaging in different practices and/or even taking mind expanding drugs/substances, amongst other things, it can allow them to keep their pain at bay. It could be a challenge for them to handle their emotions, which will probably mean that they will have the tendency to disconnect from how they feel.

One is then not going to be “emotionally intelligent” and this is going to be something that will have a big effect on their relationships. Most of the people they spend time with could also live on the surface of themselves, meaning that it is going to be challenge for them to experience intimacy.


When someone uses alcohol or drugs to avoid themselves, it will be clear that they have a problem. Yet, when someone uses certain practises and/or mind expanding drugs/substances to do the same thing, it is not going to be as clear.

Ultimately, the mind has all kinds of ways to keep pain at bay and, if it can do this while maintaining a certain image, it is going to be even better. But while one can feel good, and even look good, through doing this, they are still avoiding themselves.

If one can relate to this, and they no longer want to run away from themselves, it might be a good idea for them to reach out for external support. This can be provided by a therapist or a healer.

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