In recent years, the term ‘hate speech’ and ‘hate speech laws’ have received a fair amount of exposure. Unsurprisingly, there are people who are on board with all this and there are people who are not.

Hate speech relates to speech that is ‘hateful, threatening, or abusive,’ and is aimed at someone on the basis of their ‘disability, ethnic or national origin, nationality (including citizenship), race, religion, sexual orientation, or skin colour’. Therefore, if someone says something that is hateful, threatening, or abusive and this is because of one of the aforementioned reasons, they could be in a lot of trouble.

What’s The Problem?

On the surface, this sounds perfectly acceptable; after all, why should anyone have to put up with bad behaviour. No matter what someone looks like or what their sexual orientation is, for instance, they shouldn’t have to worry about what will happen when they go out into the world or online.

So, thanks to these hate speech laws, it will be a lot easier for them to relax when they are around others or online. If another person was to treat them badly due to what they look like, for instance, they will be able to do something about it.

Excellent News

Let’s say that someone has been treated badly due to their sexual orientation for many years, for instance, they could be very happy with what is taking place now. Having these laws might allow them to feel a lot safer.

Also, if someone hasn’t experienced anything like this they might know people who have. Perhaps they have seen the amount of pain that a friend or a family member has gone thorough over the years, as a result of how badly they have been treated.

Black and White

The only way, then, that someone could have a problem with these laws is if they believe that this kind of behaviour is acceptable. One option might be to make someone like this have ‘sensitivity training’.

Once they have been ‘educated’, they will soon come to their senses and realise that there is nothing wrong with these laws. However, although it may seem as though this would be the only reason why someone would object to these laws, there is a lot more to it.

The Big Problem

What someone could point out about all this is that an incident only needs to be perceived as a hate crime in order for it to be seen as one. Said another way, absolutely no evidence whosoever is needed.

Someone can then say that they were on the receiving end of a hate crime or a hate incident, or they can say that another person was, and they won’t need to prove that this was actually the case. The police will then get involved and what took place will end up being logged as a hate crime.

A Hidden Agenda

It doesn’t take an expert in critical thinking to see that while these laws might sound good on the surface, they are being used in the wrong way. What sounds like a way to keep people safe, is simply another way to control people.

But, what is beneficial for the people at the top is that these laws allow people to keep their fellow citizens in line. Having police around to do this is then not as important as there will be people who will do this without needing to be paid.

Walking On Eggs Shells

A number of people have already been punished for hate crimes, even though there was very little evidence to prove that they did anything wrong. Still, through making an example of these people, it sends a strong message to people.

The view that hate speech laws are there to protect people is merely an illusion; in reality, they are a smokescreen that is being used cover op the fact that the people in power are control freaks. But, of course, controlling people directly would create resistance, which is why it needs to be done in an underhand manner.

Two Levels

One way of looking at this would be to say that there are the people at the top who are addicted to power and want to control everyone and everything, and, at the bottom, there are plenty of people who want to experience power. What these hate speech laws do is allow someone who feels powerless to experience power.

As they feel powerless on the inside, having power over others is going to be incredibly appealing. To exercise control over another person, the only thing that someone like this will need to do is say that they experienced a hate crime or hate incident or that another person did.

A Gradual Process

These laws will give someone like this a hell of a lot of power over other people. Someone like this won’t have as much power over others as the tyrants at the top, but these laws will give them power over others nonetheless.

Could it be, then, that the people at the top are trying to turn the people at the bottom into carbon copies of themselves? Through having a whole world of mini tyrants, it will allow them to cover up their own sickness.


They won’t need to produce mini tyrants in a lab; they will be able to rely on social engineering to do it instead. Ergo, in the same way that god supposedly ‘made man in his own image’, these people will are trying to make man (human beings) in their own image.

Due to the amount of propaganda that is around today, someone needs to have a degree in understanding manipulation to be able to protect themselves. In today’s age, it is essential to question just about everything.

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