Most likely, someone will live in a society that is built on the view that they, along with their fellow citizens, are passive observers of what takes place externally. What is going on inside them, then, won’t influence what is going on outside them.

Thus, unlike the few that have power, there will be part of the many that don’t. Those who have power will be those at the top, so to speak, who make the decisions and are in control of what does and doesn’t happen.

Another part

Along with this, there will be there will be what other countries can do to their country and what the environment might do to harm them, amongst other things. In each of these examples, as well as others, it will relate to what the external world can do to them.

With this in mind, they, along with their fellow citizens, will be powerless. Due to this, it is not going to be a surprise if they often experience fear and spend a lot of time hoping that their life changes.

One outcome

Additionally, they could spend a lot of time paying attention to the mainstream media, with them believing that this is the way for them to stay informed. If they don’t pay attention to this source, they could experience more fear and uncertainty.

Being informed, then, will settle their mind down and give them the sense that they know what is going on. Most if not all the people in their life could also behave in the same way.

Another Angle

However, although they will live in a society that is based on this view and they live as though this is the truth, what if it is a lie? What if they, along with their fellow citizens, are not merely passive observers of reality and what is going on inside them influences what is going on outside them?

If this is the case, it would mean that they, along with their fellow citizens, are unknowingly feeding into and sustaining a reality that is not serving them. They are partly doing this by focusing on and giving their attention to a reality that certain sources want them to both create and keep in place.

The Illusion

But, as they, and many of their fellow citizens, are not aware of how they are co-creators of their reality as opposed to passive observers of it, they won’t realise this. They are then unknowingly helping to keep a reality that is not serving them in place.

As powerful as those at the top or other external factors appear to be, they will be dependent on their energy and belief to be able to survive. What this comes down to is that what is going on for them externally is a reflection of what is going on for them internally.

Going Deeper

What will have played a part in preventing them from realising that they are not merely passive observers of reality is their disconnected mind. This part of them creates the sense that they are separate from everyone and everything.

On the plus side, this allows them to have their own experience on this planet. Yet, when this sense of separation is not seen for what it is, an illusion and external sources feed into this sense of separation by making out that what is going on ‘out there’ is the issue, they will be undermined by it.

No Impact

The thoughts, emotions and feelings that they experience at a conscious level and the feelings, and beliefs that they are carrying at an unconscious level are not simply impacting what is taking place in their mind or what is taking place for them at a physical level. No, together, these elements define what is going on for them at an energetic level and the frequency that they are emitting.

This is because, beyond their physical appearance, they are made up of vibrating energy. What is going for them at this level will then define what they can or can’t experience in the external world.

A Key Point

What this illustrates is how much power they, along with their fellow citizens, have when it comes to what takes place on this planet. So, if they don’t focus on and feed into a reality that is based on fear, lack and suffering, and they deal with their inner wounds, it won’t be possible for this reality to materialise.

Final Thoughts

As more and more people become aware of this, the less creative energy there is for those at the top, for instance, to materialise their plans. Considering this, the power that these people have rests on them being able to deceive humanity, not on them having any real power.

This can be seen as a point in time when humanity is waking up and taking its power back. A time when they are starting to spend less time watering the weeds and more time watering the flowers.

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