One thing that is likely to stand out for someone who has lived in the western world for at least fifty years, is how sexualised it has become. The reason it will stand out so clearly for someone like this is because they would have been around before it was this way.

They will be able to compare how it was, with how it is, and this will allow them to see things that a lot of younger people are unlikely to see. For people like this, what is going on will just be normal.


If the person above was to point out about how different it is and to lament what is going on, they might end up being told that they are too uptight. It will then be as though people have more freedom to express themselves in today’s world, while one grew up during a time when it was more inhibited.

Upon hearing this, one could say that while people might have more sexual freedom nowadays, they have less real freedom. They may point out that, in the past, there were fewer laws and there were no cameras watching their every move.

A Mirage

Taking this into account, it will be as if people are more contained than they were before, but as there are so many things to keep them occupied, it can be hard for them to realise what is going on. It is then the equivalent of inmates having so many toys (gadgets) to play with that they end up forgetting that they are in prison.

Through having so many things to do, it will take away their need to really express themselves and to ask questions. This will be the panem et circenses (bread and circuses) that will stop them from staging an uprising.

Sex Sells

And if someone has been on this planet for a little while, there is the chance that they will be able to see how sexualised the entertainment industry is. When it comes to musicians, for instance, it will be clear that there is less focus on the music than there was in the past.

This is because so many female singers wear very little during most performances, creating the impression that they are in the wrong industry. Based on what they are wearing and the fact that so many of them can’t actually sing, it might be more suitable for them to work in the adult business.

A Big Impact

Hundreds of thousands of girls, if not millions, end up watching these musicians and end up dressing in the same manner. Low on confidence, dressing like this will end up being a way for them to feel good about themselves.

Lacking inner security, they will be completely dependent on the responses of others. Their body will then be seen as something that they can use to gain attention and approval from others.

Another Example

And although it is unlikely that someone will be able to watch porn on mainstream TV, it won’t be hard for them to watch it if they have a device. Therefore, even though it is not part of mainstream society, it is a big part of so many people’s lives.

As so much of it is free, it has meant that numerous people have asked how these companies make their money and if there is another purpose for their existence. It is well known that too much porn can cause erectile dysfunction and make it harder for both men and women to enjoy real sex and to have healthy relationships, so it wouldn’t exactly be a conspiracy theory to say that porn is perhaps another way to screw up the citizenry.

Two Sides

There is going to be the effect that living in a sexualised society has on women and there is going to be the effect it has on men. It is likely to result in some women being hyper-sexualised beings and some men being obsessed with sex.

When this is what happens for a woman, not only is she likely to neglect other parts of her being and to be out of balance, she is also going to be using her sexuality in a very destructive way. Wearing very little will give her a lot of power, power that needs to be respected and used in the right way, not used to control or manipulate.

The Other Side

This is then no different to how a man’s physical strength can give him a lot of power, with this also being something that he will need to respect and use in the right way. Both women and men need a certain level of maturity and inner security to be able to use their feminine and masculine power in the right way.

When a man does end up becoming obsessed with sex, he is also likely to neglect other areas of his life and to become out of balance. No matter whether he is online or offline, his mind can be thinking about one thing.

A Wasted Life

If he is online, he will have an unlimited amount of porn to look through and if he was to use a dating app, he will come across hundreds of women who are wearing very little. Going out into the real world won’t exactly help, as he is likely to come across women who leave little to the imagination and advertisements that show half naked women.

What all this will do is make it incredibly difficult for him to focus on what he can do to develop himself and what he can contribute to the world. And, regardless of whether he spends lot of time masturbating or having sex with random women, he is going to be wasting his energy on things that will add very little to his life or the lives of others.


If a man finds it hard to accept this, he could take the time to reflect on how different his life would be if he was no longer obsessed with sex. With more time and energy, he could do so much more with his life.

To do this, it is going to take willpower, discipline and perseverance, and there may even be some deeper issues that he needs to work through. The reason for this is that being sexually aroused may be a way for him to avoid emotional pain and trauma.

If this is the case, it may be necessary for him to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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