When it comes to the alternative media and the theories that are presented by this source, it typically relates to what one person or a group of people ‘out there’ are doing, or have been going. Furthermore, what is also spoken about are the bloodlines that have been undermining humanity for a very long time.

The mainstream media is not much different inasmuch as it also focuses on those people that are harming others. What is different is that while the alternative media will focus on who is funding the people that are causing destruction in the world; this source will focus on what these people are doing.

A Different Agenda

One source could be seen as focusing on the cause and the other could be seen as focusing on the effect. One will say that bad things are happening because the governments around the world are simply puppets following orders (a grand plan), while the other will say that bad things are happening because there are bad people in the world.

However, while these two sources typically have a different focus, their way of looking at the world is pretty much the same. On one side, there will be the penetrators and, on the other, there will be the victims.

A Local Level

It doesn’t stop there though, as this is a dynamic that can also be observed in day-to-day life. For example, someone could say that their boss or partner doesn’t treat them very well.

In fact, they go could even further and say that it seems as though the whole world is against them. Irrespective of what is going on, they will be being taken advantage of and there will be very little that they can do about it.

One Step Further

This could be something that they will only share with their friends and family, or they could share it online. If they were to share it online, they could find that there are plenty of people there that give them attention and support.

So, although their life won’t be going as they want it to go, they could end up feeling good and even virtuous. They will be a victim and other people will be bad, meaning that they will be a ‘good’ person.

Black and White

Taking all this into account, there will be those that are good and those that are bad and, in order for the world to change, the good people will need to deal with the bad people. This can seem very clear-cut, as clear-cut as films usually make it out to be.

However, what if there is a lot more to this than meets the eye? What if someone could only have experiences where they are victimised if they have a ‘victim consciousness’?

Stepping Back

What if the only reason why the people ‘out there’ are able to cause so much harm is due to there being so many people on the planet that have a ‘victim consciousness’? If this is so, what is taking place internally will create the experiences someone has in their daily life and it will help to support what is happening on the planet as a whole.

There is then a personal reality and a collective reality. After hearing this, someone could say that they, or anyone else for that matter, don’t want to be victimised or to support a system that victimises others.

Two Parts

This is a normal reaction; after all, it is unlikely that someone would consciously manifest a life this or to consciously help to create a world that does. Nonetheless, one won’t just have a conscious mind; they will also have an unconscious mind.

And it is what is taking place in this part of their being that generally has the biggest impact on their reality and what they feed into the collective reality. This part of their being will contain the parts of themselves that are too painful for them to acknowledge, such as: ‘negative’ feelings and thoughts, limiting beliefs, and trauma (from this life and their ancestors).

It’s Always There

Consciously, then, what is going on in this part of their being can be a complete mystery, but it will still have an effect on their life. To be more precise, it will define what they are resonating and what they are resonating will feed into the collective resonance of the planet.

Through being unaware of how their inner world is literarily creating their outer world, they can see themselves a just an observer of reality. This will prevent them from seeing how their inner baggage is harming them; instead, what is going on ‘out there’ will be the problem.

A Mirror

When it comes to what is taking place deep inside their being (their body as this is usually the area that stores all their rubbish) and why they have a victim consciousness, it could largely be the result of what took place when they were younger. Perhaps this was a time when they were victimised by their own caregivers (who were also victimised by theirs, who were also victimised by theirs).

Along with the trauma that they experienced, what this would have done is caused them to develop certain beliefs about themselves and the world. Many years will have passed since this time, but as their inner won’t have changed, they will continue to create an external reality that is in alignment with what they are resonating.

A powerful Energy

What they are resonating will then add to what so many other people on the planet are resonating. How many people are there on the planet that had a similar experience whilst they were growing up?

There are probably millions, if not billions, of people that had a similar experience, and each person will be unconsciously feeding into the victim/perpetrator consciousness. With so much energy behind this, there will have to be powerful external representations of what is going on internally.


What this illustrates is how important self-awareness and self-knowledge is, in addition to self-compassion, as this is not about one blaming or shaming themselves, or others. A lot of attention is given to what is going on ‘out there’ but changing what is going on ‘out there’ is unlikely to truly change the world if what is going on internally stays the same.

Considering this, perhaps the best way to change the world is not for someone to become deeply aware of what is going on externally; it is for them to become deeply aware of what is going on internally. This way, they can start to deal with the things that are playing a part in how they experience life and are sustaining the collective reality they are part of.

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