For quite some time now, more and more people have turned their back on the mainstream media. While some of these people rarely, if ever, find out about what is going on, there are others that now look towards the alternative media for answers.

However, with what is currently going on, there has been an upsurge in the number of people who look towards the legacy media to inform them. This could primarily be put down to the fact there has been an increase of fear on planet earth and, as a result of this, there has been a greater need to know what is going on.

A Good Time

Thanks to what is going on, then, this source has had far more attention than it would have had otherwise. Not only this, it has also been easier than usual for this source to influence the citizenry.

The reason for this is that when someone is experiencing a lot of fear, the thinking part of their brain is not going to be very effective. In fact, this part of them could be completely offline.


Someone can then hear something and it will go straight into their mind. It will be a bit like they have their mouth open and they will swallow whatever is put into their mouth.

What this will do is cause them to consume things that are not good for them. In the same way, accepting everything that this source comes out with won’t do them any good either.

Out of Balance

Now, as this source is very lopsided when it comes to what it focuses on, it can be normal for someone to feel down and helpless after consuming the news. Once they are no longer focused on this source, their inner state could change.

Then again, this inner sense of doom and gloom could stay with them, preventing them from being able to experience an internal shift. It would be an oversight to say that this source will only define how one feels, though.

One Step Further

What this source will also do is have an effect on how one perceives the world that they live in. This means that it is simply not possible for someone to pay attention to what this source comes out with and for it not to shape their reality.

How they perceive reality will end up affecting how they behave and their behaviour will impact the world. So, although the source can make out that it is just ‘informing’ people, this is simply not the truth.

Mind Control

Ultimately, what this source is doing, through their emotive news, is shaping one's reality. What this source feeds into their mind will greatly influence what their experience is like on this earth.

Nonetheless, as this source makes out that it is just ‘informing’ people about what is going on in the world, it can be hard for them to see what is going on. It then won’t be that this source is creating their experience on this earth, it will just be that their experience on this earth matches up with what the mainstream media has been telling them.

Going Deeper

What this emphasises is that one is not merely an observer of their reality; they are actively playing a part in their experience. Naturally, it is far easier to control someone, and the citizenry as a whole, if they see themselves as just an observer of their life.

They will believe that they have no effect on what is going on ‘out there’, causing them to live in fear and to look for someone else to save them. Through being this way, it won’t be a surprise if they see themselves as a powerless victim.

The Great Deception

Without knowing it, one will be using their creative energy to feed into and sustain the very reality that the mainstream media puts forward. When it comes to how they are doing this, it will be due to what is taking place in their conscious and unconscious mind, in addition to how they behave.

But, as their ego-mind will cause them to see themselves as being separate from everyone and everything, one could end up dismissing this view. The only way that they will be able to accept it is if they are able to take a step back from this part of them and to see that it is an illusion.

The Collective Field

Their creative energy and the creative energy of others, who are plugged into this source of information, will co-create a certain reality. Physically they will be separate from each other, but beyond what is taking place at a physical level, there will be no separation.

When it comes to creating another reality for themselves and the planet as a whole, the key will be for them to no longer feed into the reality that the mainstream media wants them to sustain. If they want to ’rebel’ against the system, this is likely to be the most effective way for them to do it.

Final Thoughts

One way of looking at the current age would be to say that it is a time when more and more people are waking up to the fact that they are not merely passive observers of reality and are constantly having an impact on their life and the planet. And, as more and more people become aware of this and heal their own inner wounds, the greater the external shift will be.

Unlike trying to change what is going on ‘out there’, this work can be seen as silent work. When this work is undertaken, one won’t be resisting or fighting anyone and they won’t receive any awards.

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