It can be normal for one to assume that the government is there to make their life easier. Whether it relates to their own safety, happiness or health, this entity is there to make sure that they are looked after.

Thus, even if one is not religious, they will have something out there that is watching over them, so to speak. As a result of this, one may find that it is easier for them to settle down and to get on with their own life.

One Part

If one is no longer in the education system, they could look back on this time in their life with great pleasure. This will then have been a time when they were given the tools that they needed to handle the world as an adult.

There may have been parts that they didn’t like, but overall, it would have been a valuable experience. They may believe that their life would be radically different if it wasn’t for this education.

Another Part

What could also come to mind is what the police, army and intelligence services do to combat crime and terrorism. These different agencies are then going to be doing their best to keep them, and their loved ones, safe from harm.

There will be what they deal with in their country and in other countries around the world. But regardless of what country these organisations are operating in, the purpose will be the same – to look after them and their fellow citizens.

A Priority

And, due to the amount of terrorist attacks that have taken place in recent years, one could believe that these types of people are more important than ever before. It could seem as though there are more threats out there than ever before, which is why more protection than ever before is needed.

One may be only too happy for their way of life to change if it means that they will be safer. More cameras, laws and rules, yet less privacy and freedom are then going to be something that is perfectly acceptable.

A Mad World

If one was asked to share their thoughts on terrorism, they could say that the people who are involved are animals who want to cause harm. For no reason, then, they will want to cause chaos and destruction.

As far as they are concerned, the sooner these people are dealt with the better it will be for anyone who values life. These perpetrators will need to be dealt with, so that they can no longer victimise others.

Two Levels

In the same way that a business can have two purposes, with their being the official purpose and the unofficial purpose, a government can also be the same. When it comes to a business, the official purpose can be to sell food and the unofficial purpose can be to launder money.

On the other hand, when it comes to a government, the official purpose can be to look after its citizens, while the unofficial purpose can be to control them. Therefore, just like a normal business, it can appear to be legitimate, but this is nothing more than a facade.

The Perfect Disguise

There are a number of reasons as to why this entity has been able to maintain this illusion for so long. Firstly, there is how it presents itself, secondly, there is the conditioning that the citizenry receive during their time in the education system and, thirdly, there is the part that the mainstream media play.

When it comes to the first point, the people who represent the government are often very good at coming across as decent human beings. These people often speak and dress well, for instance.

The Other Points

As for the second point, the education system teaches people what to think, not how to think. What this then does is defines how so many people see the world, taking away their ability to think critically and to see through this illusion.

The mainstream media is then there to make sure that populace don’t wake up and continue to see the world in a certain way. In other words, the education system gets the ball moving, but the mainstream media keep it going.

In A Trance

Someone’s mind is then programmed from day one and this programming ends up defining what they can or can’t see. And, if someone points out that what they believe has very little basis in reality, it can be as though they are saying that grass is red.

The person who points this out is then the mad one or the conspiracy nut that should be in some kind of mental institution. Unlike this person, one will be in the know and have their feet planted firmly on the ground.

Reading between the Lines

So, what is rarely spoken about is how the government actually puts its citizen’s safety and security at risk. One of the ways that this takes place by attacking countries that are not a threat, which gives people from these countries the desire to seek revenge.

Now, the government and their mouth piece, the mainstream media, may come up with reasons why a country needs to be attacked, but the reasons put forward are almost always lies. Ultimately, this entity will do anything to achieve its aims, and lying to the citizenry is just a means to an end.

Out of Balance

It has been said that the government should be scared of the people, not the other way around. The trouble is that in many countries around the world, it is often the other way around.

This entities priority is then to do whatever it can to keep the citizenry weak, fearful and dependent, even though it creates the impression that it is there to help people. Keeping people in this state is the perfect way to control them and to make sure that they don’t get in the way of their plans


In recent years, the divide and rule tactic has been heavily applied, with the establishment doing just about everything they can do create tension between men and women and different races. One way to look at this would be to imagine that the government is like a hand that continually shakes a snow globe, making sure that the globe is never settled.

Keeping people in a constant state of angst keeps them in fear and stops them from being able to think clearly or putting up any resistance. On the plus side, more and more people are becoming aware of what is going on.

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