There are a number of elements that need to be in place in order for a society to not only grow, but to simply exist. For one thing, the people in the society need to have similar values, and they need to be able to stop certain parts of themselves from being expressed freely.

So, their aggression will need to be kept in check, along with their sexual desire. If this didn’t take place, it wouldn’t be possible be for a society to be ‘civilised’; its inhabitants would end up behaving more like wild animals.

A Key Component

What this shows is how important self-control is, and that certain emotions and impulses need to be kept under control. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be a time and a place to take care of these emotions and impulses, but that they won’t be able to express these parts of themselves whenever they feel like it.

This is something that is a big part of delaying gratification, which is an essential part of a civilised society. Good things rarely happen overnight, so it will be vital for the citizenry to have the ability to be able to put their immediate needs to one side and to work towards things that will lead to greater fulfilment further down the line.

Two Sides

Not only will this add to their own quality of life, it will also have a positive effect on the people around them. If someone was only concerned with their immediate needs and was unable to see the big picture, it would probably have greater effect on their own life than the lives of others.

This might stop them from being able to contribute anything to society, and this might mean that other people would end up having to pay for them instead. And, while a few people like this might not have much of an effect, a large group of people who are like this could start to undermine the fabric of society.

A Key Area

In a situation like this, it would be vital to look into what part the education system played and what their early years were like. Merely pointing the finger at people like this wouldn’t solve anything.

On top of what has been mentioned above, it will be essential for men and women to get along. Naturally, this will lead to a more harmonious society, and it will be far more likely that the right amount babies will be born each year to replace the aging citizens.

It’s Clear

In the same way that a business needs things to sell in order to operate, a society needs people in order to exist. And just as a business will need to have certain things to sell, a society will also need to be made up of certain people.

If a business is known for selling vegan food, for instance, and it starts trying to sell its customers meat instead, it would probably end up going out of business before long. Likewise, a society can’t take in an endless amount of people from other cultures and remain the same.

A Flawed Approach

This is one of the reasons why taking in millions of people from cultures that are radically different is not the answer to falling birth rates in the west. The only thing that this will do is gradually replace the western culture with another culture, or a number of different cultures due to the different tribes that will form.

It has been said that the reason why this would take place - and is already taking place in certain countries - is because human beings are tribal. This means that even if people from different cultures could end up coming together to form one cohesive unit and disregarding the deep connection they have to their original tribe, it would probably take decades, and, the desire would also have to be there to begin with.


It could be said that if the people in the western world were having more children, the people in power wouldn’t need to talk about how vital it is to bring in millions of people from other cultures. Hoverer, another challenge that the western world is currently facing is the disharmony that exists between a lot of men and women.

Now, this could be seen as something that just exists between them, and that is hasn’t got anything to do with the so-called people at top. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of men and women who are carrying a lot of deep wounds, and this ends up causing them to experience conflict with the opposite sex, but, that doesn’t mean that there is not another factor involved here.

Two Sources

When it comes to the mainstream media, men are often demonised, and this is something that often takes place in the education system. It is then not that both men and women are flawed human beings and that make mistakes from time to time, for instance; no, it is that men are basically wild animals that need to be domesticated by women, with women being seen as superior beings.

A fairly recent addition to all this is the view that a woman should be believed, regardless of whether there is any evidence to back up what she is saying. Yet, if all women are pure and innocent, and, all men are primitive and/or evil beings, then this can sound like the right thing to do.

Divide and Rule

There will be some men and women who are able to see through all this, even if they have their own wounds to deal with that go back to the relationship they had with their mother/father and carry baggage that was passed down from their ancestors. But while there will be plenty of people who can see through what is going on, there are going to be others who are sucked into the drama, with this being a clear sign that they are not aware of how their inner wounds are defining their reality.

When a lot of men and women are busy fighting each other, it is going to mean that a lot of people are not going to be working together and solving the real problems. And, if there is so much bad feeling between them, the last thing on their mind can be to have a child/children, and even if they do, they might not be able to fully show up for the child/children that they do have.


The big question is: why would the establishment want to divide men and women and to destroy western civilisation in the process? A number of ideas could be put forward here, with some of them sounding believable and others sounding like conspiracy theories.

Anyway, one of the best things that someone can do, that’s if they don’t want to add even more drama to the world, is to heal their own wounds. Ultimately, the experiences that someone has with men/women say more about what is taking place within them than they do about men/women.

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