For at least a number of decades, people in the west have been told that they need to stop having as many children due to ‘overpopulation’. This is a message that has been expressed directly and indirectly.

Over the years, there have been plenty of people in the west that have heeded this advice. This has meant that some people have only had one child, while others haven’t had any children.

Two Parts

What has also played a part, of course, is that so many women have put their career first; waiting until the latter part of their life to have children. And, naturally, the longer a woman waits to have children, the fewer children she is likely to be able to have.

So, while some people have put their own needs to one side due to belief that having children will do more harm than good, there are others that have just been too busy with others areas of their life to have them. This is not to say that the people who belong in the second group were not influenced by the message above, though.

Low Birth Rates

The outcome of all this is that the people in the west are not having enough children and, if this continues, it won’t be long until western civilization comes to an end. But, while this has been going on, the western world has taken in millions of migrants.

The people who are coming in from others countries are then making up the numbers, so to speak. It then doesn’t matter where these people are from or what their values are, for instance, as they are seen as people who are just going to assimilate and allow western civilisation to carry on as normal.

An odd Scenario

While all those men, women and children (mainly men according to reports) have been coming into western countries, the people in power have been telling the populace that this needs to happen. And that if this doesn’t take place, western civilisation won’t survive for much longer.

What’s strange about all this is that the people at the top have been telling people in the west not to have as many children due to overpopulation, and now the people in power are saying that the west needs to accept millions of migrants to stop their civilisation from disappearing. Of course, it not about making it easier for these people to have children of their own; no, it’s about bringing in people from radically different cultures.

A Big Mistake

One way of looking at this would be to say that the people at the top didn’t think about the long-term effects and this why they were unable to realise what would happen. But, as things gradually got worse they were able to see what was taking place, which is why they are trying to bring in so many migrants.

These people are only human after all, so this is surely a mistake that just about anyone could make. However, what if these people were only too aware of what would happen and that the plan has been to destroy western civilisation right from the start?

The Kalergi Plan

This is not to say that this plan has only been in place since they started to tell people about the world becoming overpopulated. There is the chance that this plan has been in place for a very, very long time.

What is clear is that there are a number to ways to destroy a civilisation, and using guns and bombs is just one of the ways this can be done. Another way - a way that is far more subtle and gradual – is to destroy it from the inside.

The Big Picture

If someone focuses purely on the people who are coming over and the fact that they need somewhere to live, they are unlikely to think about the long-term effects of mass migration. Through being caught up in their own empathy and compassion, their ability to think critically can be offline.

Yet, if they were able to take step back from how they feel and to look at what is taking place, it would give them the opportunity to think about the effect that this will have on the western world. One of the things that can stop someone from questioning what is going on is that they can fear being called a ‘racist’ or seen to suffer from ‘xenophobia’ if they are seen as someone who is not fully on board with uncontrolled immigration and wants to protect their borders.

The Perfect Scenario

And, if the people at the top do want to destroy western civilisation, the last thing they will want is for the citizenry to scrutinize what is taking place. If they were to do this, they would get in the way of their grand plan.

Thus, the fear of being called a racist or labelled as xenophobic, or any of the other made up words, will keep a lot of people quiet. Guns won’t be needed, as people will silence themselves due to the fear of being slandered or ostracised – or put into prison.

The Big Delusion

To say that people in the western can seamlessly be replaced by people from the Middle East and Africa, for instance, is tantamount to saying that players from a Sunday league football team can seamlessly fit into a top level football team and just embrace a new culture. It is based on the ideology that everyone on the planet is the same and that one person - no matter what they are like - can simply be replaced by the next person.

Not only do human beings have different abilities, they also have different values and ways of seeing the world. So, just because someone moves from one country to another, it doesn’t mean that they will instantly take on the values of the country they are in.


If they wanted to do this it could take decades, and that’s as big if, as they might not even wont to adapt to the country they are in. They might prefer to stay as they are and to surround themselves with people who are very similar.

When this happens, they can end up doing everything they can to turn where they live into another version of where they came from. There is then going to be no assimilation; the only thing that will happen is that they will use the resources that are given to them to create their own country within a country.


The belief about the western civilisation won’t survive without mass migration is an example of what is often seen as ‘double speak’. If there are not enough people it the west, bringing in more people can sound like a great idea, but if the people who are coming in are generally different in so many ways, this wont approach won’t save western civilisation.

When people live in a civilisation that is generally peaceful and allows them to get most of their needs met, it can make them soft and naive, and it can set them up to be out of touch with their instincts. What this then does is make these people easy targets to the people who live on the outside – those who are not as ‘civilised’ and are in touch with their instincts.

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