If someone pays attention to the mainstream media on a regular basis, they may have heard the term ‘toxic masculinity’. And even if they don’t pay attention to this source of information, they may have still heard this term.

This could be because they are at university or have been there in the past, or perhaps they have heard this term by paying attention to the alternative media. Either way, when it comes to what comes to mind when they think of this term; it can all depend on what sources they have paid attention to.

A Big Problem

If one pays attention to the mainstream media or if they are at university (or have been in the past), they may even believe that masculinity in general is a problem. It is then something that needs to be completely removed from the world.

Once this has taken place, everything will be fine and there will be peace on earth – the perfect utopia will exist. And while this could be a sign that they are a woman, there is also the chance that they will be a man.

Hard To Take Seriously

On the other hand, if one pays attention to the alternative media – or simply has a critical mind – they might find it hard to connect to this term. They may see that while there are masculine traits that are negative, there are also feminine traits that are negative.

But, while this is the case, it might seem as though masculinity is being portrayed as being inherently bad and femininity as being as inherently good. It will be as if the mainstream media, the education system, along with other sources, are more interested in demonizing men than they are with taking a balanced look at masculinity.


If they were interested in taking a balanced look at this, they would surely look into ‘toxic femininity’ too. Also, what is rarely spoken about is how both men and women contain the masculine and the feminine energies within them.

Therefore, not only can men behave in ways that are destructive, women can also behave in the same way. However, the trouble with taking this into consideration is that it makes it harder to demonize men.


Through focusing exclusively on the negative side of masculinity, it can appear as though there is nothing good about it. Instead of it being clear that there are good and bad traits, masculinity ends up being synonymous with rape, murder, crime, violence and destruction, for instance.

And, as hard as this may be for a rational minded human being to comprehend, there are people are there who now believe that ‘all men are rapists’. It could then be said that this shows how powerful this propaganda is or it proves that some people haven’t developed the ability to think critically.

Early Trauma

Clearly, if someone views men in this way, it is going to make it harder for them to relax around them. Killing every man on the planet might end up being seen as the only solution to the destruction that men bring.

Yet, to say that someone would only believe this because of what they have been told by the media and the education system might be an oversight. What is also likely to have played a part is what happened during the beginning of their life.

A Strange Scenario

It could be said that it is not much of a surprise for the mainstream media to try to undermine men in this way; it’s not as if this source of information is there to actually inform anyone. What could be seen as a surprise, though, is that the education system is trying to do this.

The general outlook is that the education system is there to educate people - to give them what they need to handle life. So if this is the case, why are young boys and girls being conditioned to be suspicious of one another?

The Key

Someone doesn’t need to have a degree in propaganda to understand that the best way to condition people is to work on them from a very young age. Therefore, if the brain washing begins as soon as they start school (and some countries want to lower the age, surprise, surprise), they will be the perfect automatons when they are older.

If these kinds of seeds are planted at a young age, it is not going to be much of a shock if someone experiences conflict when it comes to the opposite sex during their adult years. One of the consequences of this kind of propaganda, then, is that it divides men and women, making it harder for them to get on with each other.

The Tip of The Iceberg

Demonizing masculinity is also a great way to make men passive, weak and incapable of pushing back against the system. One way to defeat a civilisation is through physical force, another way is to destroy its citizenry from the inside.

Taking this into account, it is as though the people at the top have been working day and night to undermine the west in the only way that they could. As Ariel Duran once said, "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within."


The establishment has many different arms of their operation, with each arm performing a similar function. Regardless of whether it is the attack on men, migration or discouraging people from having children, it seems that one part of the plan is to destroy western civilisation.

Finally, masculinity is not toxic, any more than femininity is toxic. But, in the same way that someone will need to learn how to use a machine, they will need the right guidance and to heal any trauma – from their early years and what has been passed down from their ancestors - in order to express their masculinity in the right way.

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