After a terrorist attack has taken place in England, people are usually told that they shouldn’t get angry. Getting angry after something like this has taken place is seen as something negative.

Instead, people are expected to just carry on as normal and to not allow themselves to experience any ‘negative’ emotions. It is then as though a civilised human being wouldn’t allow themselves to get angry after something like this has taken place.

Another Example

Along with this, people in the western world are constantly being told how borders, walls and boundaries are no longer needed in today’s world. So, while they were needed in the past, this is no longer the case.

If someone does believe that they are needed, they can end up being called a “racist” and/or “xenophobic”. Based on this, someone would need to have something wrong with them if they are not willing to go along with this outlook.

A Modern Day Human

Taking all this into account, it is as though it is no longer necessary for someone to listen to their mind and their instincts. The only thing they need to do is to keep their attention in their heart and everything will be fine.

When ones attention is there, there will be no need for them to get angry when a terrorist has killed people and they will be happy to allow anyone to come into their country. This part of them will focus on all that is good and it will be happy to see the best in everyone.

A Sitting Duck

Their mind, the part of them that questions things and their body, the part of them that will tell them when their life is at risk, will be out of action. Therefore, while one can appear to be an evolved human being, they will simply be someone who has lost touch with two vital parts of themselves.

They will be an adult, but an adult who has a very childlike view of the world and the people in it. Through being this way, their life will be at a greater risk, and this is likely to put other people’s lives at a greater risk, too.

At The Top

This can be the case when someone like this, someone who is out of touch with their instincts and can’t think clearly, is a politician. They can be all for open borders and this is going to stop them from looking into if this is actually a good idea.

Letting people in can feel like the right thing to do and their empathy will get the better of them. Someone like this might have plenty of money, meaning that they probably won’t be affected by the consequences of their actions – or if they are, it might be a long time until it affects them.

All Levels

They are not going to be a operating as a whole human being and this is why they are unable to make rational decisions. If someone like this didn’t have so much power, their actions wouldn’t have the same impact.

And, as this is how they operate, it is to be expected that they would try to push their way of operating onto other people. Even though they are doing more harm than good, they are likely to believe that their way is the best way.

By Design

At the same time, there is always the chance that someone like this is only too aware of how destructive it is someone to ignore their mind and instincts. This will show that they have a hidden agenda.

It could then be said that people like this want their fellow human beings to be extremely passive, as this will make them easy to control. And, the best way to do this is to make sure they are not connected to the part of them that is there to keep them alive.

A Negative Association

Getting angry after a terrorist attack is perfectly rational, just as it is rational to have an issue with open borders. But, if the people at the top can make the populace feel bad for getting angry and having a problem with this idea, they will stop listening to their inner wisdom.

Ultimately, it is way to condition people to tolerate being treated badly, and this is what an abuser will do to another person. By gradually breaking them down, there will come a time when they no longer resist what is taking place.

A Divided Human Being

Someone like this is then not going to realise when their life is under threat or when they are being violated, causing them to be an easy target. The part of themselves that is there to keep them alive and to protect them is not going to be available.

There is then going to be no reason for the people in power to control them with force, as part of them will keep the rest of them in line. A human being who keeps themselves in line is likely to be seen as the best type of human being on the planet.


If someone doesn’t experience a strong reaction if their life is under threat or if they are being violated, there is something wrong. Their instincts are there to inform them when something isn’t right, just like red light appears on a dashboard when a car is running out of fuel.

Now, this doesn’t mean that one has to be controlled by this part of them; what it means is that they pay attention to the information within them and allow it to influence their behaviour. One will then be operating as a whole human being and this is the last thing that the people at the top want.

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