Not too long ago, a lot was said about “fake news”, and how this was causing all kinds of problems. Along with blaming the Russians, “fake news” has been seen as one of the reason why Trump won and Brexit took place.

Based on how the mainstream media and certain politicians have responded to this, it is as though all the news in the past was real news. These people are then doing their job, which is to make sure that their fellow human beings are informed and looked after.

The Next Step

Yet, without even going into whether this is something that these people actually care about, they haven’t just sat back and criticised what they believe is going on. No, they have been doing what they can to put an end up this “fake news.”

A certain amount of pressure has been put on social media sites to put a stop to this type of news. Doing so will then allow people to be told about what is actually going on by the media organisations that only tell the truth.

The Right Track

It is then easy for someone to come to the conclusion that everything would be fine if it wasn’t for “fake news.” Getting rid of this type of news would then solve a lot of problems, which would make the world a better place.

Naturally, this is not an easy task due to how hard it is to control what people do and don’t see online. As times goes by, there is no doubt that more will be done to limit what people see.

Another Issue

Along with the trouble that “fake news” is causing, a lot has been said about the impact that people’s views are having. Now, this could also be said to be no different as this can relate to what people say about what is going on in the world.

Still, what is different is that it can also relate to what people write on their wall or what they say on a video. Thus, they don’t need to have a website where they write about current affairs, for instance.

A New Type of Crime

There are times when what someone says will be labelled as “hate speech”, with this being seen as speech that is meant to hurt or offend someone. So, if this kind of speech is not stopped, it will create problems.

It is then going to be clear that this kind of speech is not acceptable and that it needs to be clamped down on. What is clear is that the people at the top have a lot to do to keep the world from falling apart.

One Outlook

As the people at the top have their fellow human beings best interests at heart, there is going to be no need to for anyone to question what is taking place. Carrying on as a normal is then going be the best approach to take.

Undoubtedly this is what a certain amount of people will do; while there will be others who are unable to do so. Consequently, they will start to think about if there is more to this than meets the eye.

Business as Usual

What could come to mind is that the mainstream media has always lied about what is going on, so it’s not as though “fake news” is anything new. If there is anything that is new, it is that this type of news has now been given a label.

It could be said that the mainstream media didn’t have a problem with it before but now other sources are doing the same thing, it has suddenly become an issue. Additionally, accusing other news sources as being “fake news” is going to be a way for them to smear these sources; sources that often reveal the truth.

Thought Control

And, if they were to think about so-called “hate speech”, they could see this as another way to control what people say. Ergo, instead of people being able to express their views and to talk about what they have seen with their own eyes, they can feel the need to stay silent.

Or to be more precise, they will only talk about things that are seen as acceptable and that go along with the dominant cultural narrative. This term will then have just been created to control what people say and this will influence what people allow themes to think about.

Totally Incapable

Another way of looking at all this would be to say that the people in power believe that their fellow human beings can’t think for themselves. This is why they need to control what people are exposed to.

If this didn’t take place, they would end up believing all kinds of crazy things and end up behaving in ways that are harmful. At the same time, some of these people will believe that this has already been taking place, with this being seen as the reason why Trump won and Brexit occurred, among other things.

Critical Thinking

Clearly, human beings are not perfect and this is why they are going to make mistakes from time to time. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that they are always going to be incapable of finding out whether something is true or not.

So, if there are so many people in the western world who are incapable of thinking for themselves, what does that say about the education system? Does this mean that people are not being taught how to think for themselves?


If someone wants to control the population, the last thing they will want is for them to be able to think for themselves. This is surely why the people at the top want to take away peoples guns in America; it will be a lot easier to control them that way.

One of the most important things for someone to learn is how to think critically; this is incredibly important. Without this ability, one can end up being nothing more than a puppet, and this is going to stop them from putting up any kind of resistance.

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