For a very long time, the establishment was able to control what most people could or couldn’t find out about. There were many ways that this took place, with some being more obvious than others.

One way was via the creation of a school curriculum that only taught certain things. Two other ways that this occurred was by controlling what books were published and what was spoken about in the mainstream media.

A Platform

A more subtle way was through films, documentaries and even the music that was produced. Due to the nature of this form of media, it may have seemed as though the primary purpose was merely to entertain.

This is why films are such a good way to influence people as this can be done without them even realising what is taking place. Along with this, so many people would be exposed to this form of ‘entertainment’.

No Different

At the same time, there is a strong chance that very few people thought that they were being indoctrinated when they were at school, or that the book or the paper they were reading was doing the same thing. It was then no different to if they were given medicine by a doctor; they would have simply swallowed it all.

A Huge Problem

It could be said that this was all working out perfectly and then the internet came along. Thanks to the internet, people were given the chance to look through a wide range of information.

Some of this information was in alignment with what they had been told, while there was other information that wasn’t. So while this was great for anyone that loved to learn and those that had a critical mind, it wasn’t great for those that wanted to control the citizenry.

Another Part

Furthermore, what has also made a difference is that so many people can now film and capture their experiences and share what they see online. Not only does this allow the citizenry to police their fellow citizens; it also allows them to expose what the system is doing.

Taking all this into account, it could be said that just about every citizen has been given the ability to be well-informed and to have a lot of influence, and this is the last thing that the establishment wants. Nonetheless, the establishment hasn’t been taking this lying down.

A Number of Tools

One thing that the establishment has been doing to regain control over what people believe or don’t believe, is to crack down on free speech. Under the guise of removing ‘hate speech’, they have been able to limit what people are exposed to – websites, videos and books have been removed.

Something that has taken a very long time to attain is then being eroded in a very short period of time. They have even managed to convince so many people that free speech is a bad thing.

Remove It

If something is true or accurate, it will be able to stand up to anything that is put forward. However, if something has weak foundations, it won’t be able to handle anything that challenges it.

Therefore, it makes complete sense that certain information needs to be banned or else this information would expose the lies that are being dispensed on a daily basis by the system. Having information like this available is too much of a risk; it is far better just to ban it altogether.

A Disorientated State

Banning information is not going to be enough, though, especially if a lot of people can see what is going on and decide to resist what is taking place. What also needs to happen is to put as many people as possible in a confused state so that they don’t know what is going on and, if they don’t know what is going on, they won’t be able to function, let alone resist what is taking place.

This is exactly what the establishment has been doing, with this being something that has been described as the great inversion. For example, the things that were seen as being self-evident before and were not even spoken about are now seen as being incorrect and are openly discussed.

The Cinderella Technique

This has been described as ‘up is now down’ and ‘right is now left’, with this being something that has resulted in a lot of people being confused and doubting their own perceptions. Like a machine that is not working properly, they can end up malfunctioning.

The society they live in will have been gaslighting them, meaning that their perceptions will have been invalidated day in, day out. One can then end up in a position where the floor has been taken from beneath their feet, with there being no firm foundations for them to stand on and they won’t know what to believe or what is going on, which is going to stop them from being able to think clearly and then to do anything about what is taking place.


Ergo, not only does the establishment do just about everything that they can to divide the citizenry; they also do what they can do mess up their ability to function. One way of seeing this would be to say that someone’s mind can end up like a computer that has a virus; it won’t work properly.

The key here will for someone to realise what is going on, to see that there is a reason why they are in a state of confusion and that it is due to what they are being exposed to. With this understanding, one will see that there is nothing wrong with them and to cut down on the amount of time they allow themselves to be exposed to certain types of media.

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