In recent years, a lot has been said about how their needs to be more female politicians. The view that is often put forward is that there are far too many men who hold these positions and that progress needs to be made so that the gender gap changes.

This is then something that not only lead to great equality, it will also mean that women will have far more say over what takes place in the world. Another thing that is often mentioned is that this is an area that needs to be more racially diverse.

A Mixed Response

There are likely to be people who are pleased with the ‘progress’ that is being made, whilst there will likely be others who believe that it is too slow. When it comes to the latter, they could believe that more needs to be done to level things up.

Someone like this could believe that there are too many men in these positions and/or that there needs to be greater ethnic diversity. This could be seen as the way to make the world better.

A Good Sign

Through being this way, someone like this could end up feeling good when a female or someone from an ethnic minority ends up being elected. Each time this takes place, everything can be seen as going in the right direction.

The key will be for more people like this to get further up the political ladder. As a child, then, they may have looked forward to opening presents on their birthday, but now they will look forward to the time of the year when there is the chance for an aforementioned person to progress.

Looking Back

This person could remember how they felt when Barack Obama become president for the first time, seeing this is a big milestone. They could have had a similar experience when he ended up being elected for another four years.

But, while this was a good moment for them, they may lament the fact that Donald Trump stopped Hillary Clinton from becoming the first female president of America. History would have been made if it wasn’t for him.

An Analogy

However, just because it is believed that the world would be better if the people in the political realm were more diverse, it doesn’t mean that this is the truth. Ultimately, no matter what gender someone is or what colour their skin is, they are still going to be a human being.

To say that someone will do a better job due to being a woman, for instance, is a bit like saying one car is better than another car. Both of these cars will be the same; the only difference will be that one car is red and the other car is green.

Another Distraction

The establishment doesn’t want people to realise that nothing ever changes, which is why they need to continually come up with ways that will give people the illusion that things are changing. So, by convincing people that everything will change if only they get more women in power, for instance, it is another way of them to keep people quiet.

If someone is at the latter stages of their life, they might see through all this, being only to aware of the fact that it’s the same story no matter who is in power. Yet, if someone is fresh out of college/university, they could completely fall for this.

Hardcore Programming

Their time in the education system may have filled their brain with propaganda, with them internalising the religion of identity politics. Thanks to this, their ability to think clearly will have most likely have been compromised.

Due to what someone like this has been told, they can believe that unlike white men, women and people from other ethnic backgrounds are different. Ergo, merely having people like this in power will lead to a better world.

A Delusion

In other words, white men are morally inferior, and this is why having less of them in positions of power is a good thing. The fact that all human beings are imperfect, regardless of what their gender or skin colour is is then cast to one side.

Yet, even if someone hasn’t been to college/university, they can still go along with this way of looking at the world. The difference can be that they have primarily been indoctrinated by the mainstream media and social media.

Plenty of Tools

This is simply one of the things that the establishment is doing to keep the masses in line and to stop them from rising up. And, when people are focused purely on someone’s appearance, it can stop them from caring about what this person actually stands for.

As a result of this, it can make it even easier for someone who doesn’t have their heart and mind in the right place to rise up the hierarchy. Conversely, even if a woman was to start off with good intentions, being in a corrupt environment could end up corrupting her - after all, she is only human.


Having a citizenry who are able to think critically is the last thing that the establishment want; hence why the education system typically teaches people what to think, not how to think. The education that is provided by the system is not going to offer anything that could bring the system down.

Most of the things that are taught in these institutions are designed to maintain the status quo and to slowly move people in a certain direction. Identity politics is perfect for this as it is a way to keep people divided, preventing them from working together and making a significant difference.

On one level, then, having more women and people from different ethnic backgrounds in positions of power is a step forward. But, on another level, it can be seen as merely another cunning tool to keep the masses distracted.

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