When one comes across information that goes against what they believe, they can take the time to look over it. And if they were to meet someone who has a different outlook, they could also listen to what they have to say.

What this can show is that they have an open mind, and this is then why they are able to listen to people who see life differently. Still, this is not to say that they will always agree with what they hear.

A Waste of Time

If one knew everything, there would be no reason for them to listen to what these kinds of people have to say. Ultimately, one would always be right, and this would mean that it wouldn’t be necessary for them to listen to anyone.

But if they did listen to someone, they would only need to listen to them if they knew as much as them. Yet as they both have the same information, it is not going to be possible for one to learn anything; they will simply validate each other’s views.

Shining the Light

Through listening to what other people have to say, it will give them the chance to see if what they believe is the truth. It can be as if the people they come into contact with will have torches, and these will bring into focus what is taking place within their mind.

Without this new information, there will be no way for one to know if what they believe is the truth. Therefore, this new information will allow one to revise and update what is taking place within them.

One Outlook

Alternatively, when one only listens to people who have the same outlook as they do, it is giving to feed their ego. This part of them has the need to be right, and this is because being right is linked to being able to survive.

Thus, if one is wrong, it can be seen as something that will lead to their demise. However, while this may have been the case many, many years ago, it is no longer this black and white.


If one is wrong about something, they can simply let go of what they believe and accept another way of looking at something. It is unlikely that this will cause them to lose their life, and it will allow them to update their system, so to speak.

But while this is the case, it doesn’t mean that one will allow this to happen. Instead, this part of one’s nature can define how they behave, and this can stop them from being able to open their mind to anything that goes against what they believe.


One can then have the ability to travel around where they live, and even to go to other countries, but their mind is not going to have the same freedom. No matter where they go or who they speak to, this part of them is not going to change.

Or if their mind does change, it is likely to be a sign that they have simply heard things that are in alignment with what they believe. The information they allow into their might be slightly different, but it will still validate what they believe.


It would then be more accurate to say that one will simply add more layers to what they already believe; with each layer strengthening their conviction. When it comes to the effect they will have on others, it can all depend on what they do in life.

If, for example, on doesn’t hold a position of power, it might not matter what they believe. They might annoy a few people from time to time but other than that, they could just get on with their life.

The Internet

There is also the chance that the one will end up going on social media, and this can be a time when they will criticise people who see the world differently. Therefore, when they use one of these sites, they are not going to be interested in having a discussion with anyone who disagrees with them.

And one thing they could talk about online is politics; with this being an area that really pulls them in. So, if another person has the same views as they do, there will be no reason for them to say anything.

A Different Response

In their eyes, they could believe that this is someone who is a ‘good’ person, and they could ‘Like’ what they have shared, for instance. But if they were to come across someone online who has a different view to them, they are likely to have a different outlook.

This could be a time when they will accuse them of having some kind of phobia, and there is then going to be no reason for them to have this outlook. What this person believes about something is going to be seen as being completely irrational, and as having no basis in reality.


Based on this, the best option will be for the other person to see a therapist, for instance, and to deal with their irrational fear. There is the chance that this person does have an irrational fear, but there is also the chance that it is not this black and white.

Even so, through telling them that they have a phobia, it will be a way for them to shame the other person. One is then not going to take the time to listen to why they have a certain outlook; they will simply try to silence them.


This is similar to what happens when someone is in an abusive relationship, and how their partner will also invalidate their feelings and thoughts, amongst other things. Through doing this, it will allow their partner to gradually wear them down and to destroy their sense of self.

Once they have been worn down, it won’t take a lot of effort to control them. And while individuals can behave in this way on social media, it is also something that people in the public eye can do.


It has been said on numerous occasions how the people behind the scenes, so to speak, can’t use physical violence against the masses anymore. But even though this is the case, it doesn’t mean that people are now free.

In the place of violence, people are kept in line in more subtle ways, and people are also rounded up by their fellow human beings. It could be said that it is these people who have the biggest impact.
So if one is labelled as having some kind of phobia when they speak out, it will be important for them to stand their ground.

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