It has been said that while there was a time when the western world needed feminism, this time has long gone. Now, while it this is something that someone can come out with if they are not a feminist; this is not always the case.

There are a number of feminists who have this outlook and naturally, this is going to cause them to be criticised, and even verbally abused, by the feminists that don’t. What can add weight to this view is the kind of things that some feminists focus on in today’s world and the fact that there are a lot of men who are not doing well.

A Different Agenda

For example, recently a number of feminists were behind the call for walk-on girls and ring girls to lose their jobs. These women had their reasons for being against this, but this resulted in a number of women being out of work.

As a result of this, women who were feminists and women who were not were baffled by what took place. Their main issue with this was that if these feminists want to empower women to live their own life and to make their own choices, why are they behaving like tyrants?

Another Form of Oppression

These types of feminists are then going to be happy to talk about how they are ‘oppressed’ by the patriarchy, yet they are going to be oblivious to how oppressive they are. What they will do is justify their behaviour, making out that they are there to protect these women.

A feminist like this is then going to believe that she has the moral high ground and that she is more capable than these women. This is then the reason why she needs to act like a matriarch and to treat these women as though they are children.

One Big Cover Up

Through being exposed to this kind of behaviour, it is going to be normal for the average person to wonder what is going on. It could seem as though they are not against oppression, as long as they themselves are the oppressors.

The image that they present of being holier-than-thou is then going to be nothing more than an illusion. Behind the facade that she presents to the world, there is likely to be a big part of her that wants to control everything.

The Next Thing

Once these types of feminists had destroyed the careers of these women, they had another ‘important’ issue to deal with. This is likely to be seen as being even more serious, as it relates to a ‘hate crime’.

When a man wolf whistles or cat calls a woman, he is going to be seen as doing something that is ‘misogynistic’. It is then not that a man will do these things because he is attracted to a woman; no, he will do something like this because he hates her.

Up is down and down is up

Clearly, there are going to be times when this kind of behaviour causes a woman to feel unconformable, but surely it is going a bit far to call this a ’hate crime’. The people who come up with things like this must believe that, deep down, all men hate women, so everything they do is an expression of this hate.

Or another way of looking at it would be to say that they are wearing ‘hate’ glasses, which is why they filter everything through the lens of hate. Through being this way, it stops them from being able to think rationally and to see that not everything a man does (or anyone else for that matter) is motivated by hate.

A Loss of Direction

Perhaps the reason why these types of feminists are seeing problems when they are none is due to the fact that they have got what they wanted. So, instead of moving on and letting go of their victim status, they have to widen the goal posts.

It is then not that they want to live in a world that is fair; they want to live in a world where they receive special treatment. They can’t accept that the world is not perfect and that suffering is part of life, and this is then why they need to blame men.

Back To Reality

But if they were able to extend themselves and to focus on the kind of challenges that men have in today’s world, they would see how out of balance they are. By focusing on their own problems, it would have caused them to have an idealised version of men.

This outlook would then have made it easier for them to demonise them; after all, if they are so far up it won’t hurt to bring them down a peg or two. And through seeing them as ‘privileged’ and ‘oppressors’, among other things, there is also going to be no reason to empathise with them or to show compassion for their plight.

The Power of the Mind

However, if a feminist has been conditioned to believe that all women are ‘oppressed’ and all men, white men in particular, are ‘oppressors’, it is not going to be a surprise for her to behave in this manner. A woman like this is then not going to believe that she is playing a part in how she experiences life; she will see herself as an observer.

What is taking place within her and how she behaves is not going to be seen as having an impact on what she sees or how other people respond to her. The problem with this outlook is that she is not merely an observer of her reality; she is playing a part in what she sees and what she doesn’t see, as well as how other people treat her.

One Purpose

Taking this into account, the conditioning that she has received in regards to men will have defined how she experiences life. When this information first started going into her mind, she may have believed that she was being informed.

In reality, this would have been a time when she was being heavily indoctrinated. The people who were passing this information on were then not interested in showing her how to think; they were only interested in doing what they could to define how she would see the world and her behaviour.


If this took place when she was at university, it could mean that she paid to be indoctrinated. The question is: why would anyone want to control how another person sees the world?

There are a number of reasons as to why this would happen, but what is clear is that painting all women as victims and all men as perpetrators is a great way to divide them. So, if a woman has issues with men, it might be a good idea for her to look into what she believes about them and then to work with a therapist or a healer if necessary.

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