If someone wants to find out about what is going on in the world, they might end up looking towards the alternative media. This can be seen as the only news source that does what it is supposed to do – to report on what is actually going on.

It might then be accurate to say that this person likes to think for themselves, which is why they don’t pay attention to the mainstream media. They are not going to be interested in being a passive consumer of the news.

Looking For Answers

If they didn’t have the need to find out about what is actually going on, there would be no reason for them to look towards this source. Instead, they could just sit in front of a TV or read a paper.

In their eyes, this could be seen as what someone would do if they were happy to be programmed by the system. Someone like this could see themselves as being a highly curious person.

The Real Deal

Now, this doesn’t mean that they will accept everything the alternative media comes out with, but they might be happy to accept most of it. So, while they will need to examine everything the mainstream media tells them, this won’t be the case with this source of information.

And, due to where they get their information from, they may believe that they are one of the few people on this planet who know what is going on. This may cause them to experience a sense of superiority, or to believe that they are more awake than others.

A Natural Consequence

Yet, if they believe that the mainstream media is full of lies and the alternative media is full of truth, this is to be expected. This doesn’t mean that they will have a superiority complex though, as this might not have an impact on every part of their life.

Also, even if they do believe that they are more informed than others, it doesn’t mean that they won’t try to pass this information on. Even so, they could be used to having this information thrown back in their face.


When this happens, it can be seen as a sign that most people are too closed-minded to embrace new information. Thus, not only will someone like this be unaware of what is going on, they will be too closed-minded to find out.

This kind of behaviour can end up supporting their belief that they are in the know and that a lot of people are reluctant to think for themselves. The problem here is that while one can believe that they are aware of what is going on, they might only know what the establishment wants them to know.


From the outside, it can seem as though the alternative media has absolutely no connection to the mainstream media. On one level, this is likely to be the case; however, this doesn’t mean that they are not being funded by the same people.

What can add to the illusion that the people in the alternative media are not funded by anyone is that it can seem as though they just appeared out of nowhere. Thus, unlike the people who are on TV, they are just regular people

Controlled Opposition

Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever before for someone to make it big without having a lot of financial support. This is something that the people behind the scenes can use to their advantage.

They can give someone the financial backing that they need to gain people’s attention, which will allow this person to come across as though their own efforts allowed them to rise to the top and that they are not affiliated to anyone else. By coming across as the real deal, it can be a lot easier for someone like this to brainwash the people who have turned their back on the mainstream media.

Another Approach

Conversely, the people behind the scenes can try to get someone to work for them after they have made it big. They will no doubt try to do this by offering them money and other material benefits.
When this happens, it can cause someone to gradually change their focus and to no longer talk about the people who are really running the show. This will allow the people who are really doing the damage to stay out of the public eye and for a false enemy to be created.

A Lot of Truth

What can make it harder for someone to see that they are not being told the complete truth is that most of these alternative media sources talk openly about what so many people can see with their own eyes. This is where the mainstream media fails, in apart, due to political correctness.

For example, the alternative media is often happy to blame Muslims for everything and to see Islam as the problem, but what this source rarely looks into is who is responsible for destroying most of the middle east. If these sources were committed to the truth, they would look into who is really responsible for the upheaval in the world.

Establishment / Zionists

The trouble is that if they were to do this, their funding would probably soon come to an end. After all, if they are being funded, they are there to distract people from what is really going on.

The people behind the scenes have always been good at hiding themselves, and even though the internet has given people the chance to find out about just about anything, they have still been able to execute a number of their plans. This must show how much control they still exert over the world.


If the establishment hadn’t infiltrated the alternative media, they probably would have ended up paying a big price. And, based on how long they have been in power for, it is clear that they rarely leave things to chance.

Taking this into account, someone would need to be naive to believe that the establishment has no connection to the alternative media. So, regardless of whether someone is paying attention to the mainstream media or the alternative media, they will need to utilize their ability to think critically.

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