In today’s world, it is not uncommon for people to see themselves as being spiritual, and there are a number of reasons for this. This partly comes down to how much information is available, and this is a largely thanks to the internet.

If one wants to find out about something, they will only need to go online and to do a search. And, what has also played a part is that people are often repelled by religion, and are looking for something else.

Different Stages

Still, this is not to say that everyone sees themselves as being spiritual at the same point in their life. For some, this could take place towards the end of their life, or it might occur in the middle.

But even if one didn’t see themselves in this way when they were younger, it doesn’t mean that they were not spiritual. What it could come down to is that they have always experienced life differently.

A New Outlook

So, through reading about something or having a conversation with someone, they came to see that this is how they have been for as long as they can remember. In this case, the only thing that will have changed is how they perceive themselves.

If something like this was to take place, it could have a big effect on their life, or they could simply carry on doing what they were doing. When it comes to the former, they could have the need to reach out to other people who have a similar way of experiencing life.

Reaching Out

Through being around people like this, it could end up enriching their experience. One will then be able to reach out to others who can relate to how they experience life.

This will fulfil their need to connect to other human beings, and it will take place without them having to cover this side up. Now, this is not to say that they will have exactly the same experience as these people or that they will agree with everything they say, but there will be an understanding.

The Same Path

When it comes to the latter, they could be surprised that there are other people who are having a similar experience to them. But regardless of what has taken place, they might not have the need to take things any further.

This could show that they are happy to keep this part of them to themselves, and that it doesn’t bother them if someone is the same way. Yet, if they were to change their mind, it won’t be difficult for them to connect to like-minded people.

The Options

If one did have the desire to create a deeper connection with this part of themselves and to meet other people, this can soon take place. One thing they could do is to buy a book, and this will give them the opportunity to learn about someone else’s experience.

They could even learn about certain practises that will allow them to develop a stronger connection with themselves. If this is not enough, one could end up taking a course or going on a retreat, for instance.

Two Needs

If they were to read a book, it won’t allow them to meet anyone, but it will offer guidance. There could be parts of a book that will stand out and other parts that won’t, and this could change if they were to read it at a later date.

When it comes to the other option, one will have the chance to connect to people who are also on the path, so to speak. And, they will be able to talk to the people who are conducting the event.

The Foundations

If one was asked what it means to be spiritual, they could come up with a number of different things. What they could say is that is that it is about leading with their heart as opposed to their head.

They could also see themselves as being connected to all things, and not as being separate from anything. It is then going to be vital for them to treat their fellow human beings in the right way and to treat nature in the same way.

Another Thing

What they could also believe is that it is important for them to not judge others, and to allow them to live their life. If they were to do this, they could end up feeling as though they have done something wrong.

Through being this way, they will be showing empathy and compassion, and this can be seen as the right thing to do. The best way could then be for one to simply accept what other people do and to carry on with their life.

An Easy Target

If one was to be this way, they can have the tendency to put their mind to one side, and this part of them can be seen as being less evolved than their heart. One’s ability to think critically can often end up be out of action and this can make it a lot easier to manipulate them.

One way of looking at it would be to say that while the mind makes judgement, the heart simply accepts what it sees. The heart will see the best in everyone and everything, and this can cause one to be incredibly naive.

Out of Balance

As if one believes that it is wrong to judge, there is going to be no reason for them to question anything or to pay attention to feedback that shows that something isn’t right. They can end up believing that everyone has good intentions, and it could then be said that they will have an idealised version of reality.

Empathising with others and being concerned for their wellbeing can stop them from doing the right thing. For example, if one sees someone who needs help they could do what they can to help them, and this can stop them from taking a step back and thinking about what consequences may arise if they were to do so.


It could be said that both the head and the heart have a part to play; if they didn’t, one wouldn’t have them. If one ignores their head, because they think that this part of them is bad, they will set themselves up to experience unnecessary problems.

So, while spirituality can be a way for people to break away from the conditioning that they have, it can also be another way to enslave them. In this way, spirituality can be a way for the people behind the scenes, so to speak, to control humanity.

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