If someone wanted to change their society or even the world, there are a number of things that they could end up doing. For example, they could take part in a protest, sign a petition and/or vote for a certain politician/party.

Alternatively, if they were happy to break the law, they could block off a road/motorway and vandalise buildings. In all of these cases, they will be rebelling through what they do.

The Only Option

Now, when it comes to changing the status quo, it could be said that this will only take place by doing things. If someone was to simply sit around and hope that the world will change, it is unlikely to do much.

Based on this, it will be essential for someone to do something, either by themselves or with the help of others, which will allow them to change how things are. It will be all about the doing, not the sitting and hoping that things will get better.

Another Angle

However, what if this approach typically does more harm than good and there is a far more effective way of changing the world? At this point, someone could wonder how this is so and what the other option is.

This can show that they believe that the only way to change the world is by taking action and doing something. Thus, what could be seen as the masculine approach to change, will be the only option that exists.

A Key Point

The reason why trying to change something can do more harm than good is because what is resisted is what will both persist and grow. On a physical level, this can be hard to accept as the way to change something is to do something about it.

Nonetheless, what takes place on this level is held in place by what is taking place at the level of the unseen - consciousness. This can be seen as a field that is made up of beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions, amongst other things.

Two Messages

So, when someone is resisting something, they are intellectually sending out a clear message that they don’t want something but they are emotionally feeding into the very reality that they don’t want. This is due to the fact that although their conscious mind understands negation, their unconscious mind doesn’t.

To change what is going on “out there”, then, it will be vital for them to take their attention away from what they don’t want and to direct it towards what they do want. By doing this, what they don’t want will no longer be feeding off their energy and they will be able to start creating a new reality.

The Other Option

Clearly, this approach is less about doing the right things and more about be-eing the right things. When taking action is seen as the only way to change something, this can just be seen as being passive and waiting for things to change.

In reality, one will be embracing their feminine aspect when this takes place, and this form of non-action will be far more effective than trying to change what is taking place externally. What this also illustrates is although someone’s mind will create the impression that they are separate from everyone and everything; this is nothing more than an illusion.

All Connected, All One

If someone was actually separate from everyone and everything, it wouldn’t matter what was taking place inside them, inside their own consciousness, as it wouldn’t impact the external world. Yet, as this is nothing more than an illusion, what is taking place inside them is co-creating their reality and influencing what takes place on the planet as a whole.

Taking this into account, if someone wants to live in a world that is more loving, peaceful and harmonious, for instance, they will need to be these things. On the other hand, being against hate, conflict and disharmony, will just cause them to feed into and help sustain this reality.

It’s Less Appealing

Still, when someone is trying to change the world, they won’t have to face their own inner wounds. Also, this can allow them to feel powerful and to receive a fair amount of approval from others.

Conversely, if they were to focus on being the change as opposed to purely trying to create change, it would be necessary for them to be with themselves and this is likely to mean that they will come into contact with inner material that is painful. The pain that is within them will need to be embraced and worked through.

Raising Their Vibration

But, as painful as it is likely to be for them to face and to work through their inner wounds, it will be a process that will allow them to raise their own consciousness. To gradually go from someone who seldom embodies that which they want to see externally, to someone who is frequently able to embody that which they want to see externally.

The changes that are made to their own consciousness will end up impacting the collective consciousness. They are then just one person but the impact that they can have can’t be underestimated.

Final Thoughts

Another way of looking at this would be to say that trying to change the world is a bit like someone trying to clear their dirty glasses by cleaning a window. This approach is likely to consume their time and energy but it won’t truly change anything.

If the world is someone’s mirror, the way for them to make a difference will be to clean up their own consciousness. This most likely won’t allow them to receive any awards, to be pumped up with anger or to receive much approval from others, but it will allow them to play their part.

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